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Hungryroot Drives 413% Increase in Orders YoY

Posted By Louise Allison on Feb 2 2021
Hungryroot, a popular online grocery subscription marketer that delivers modern, healthy food with recipe and meal planning support was working to drive order volume and keep their program at a reasonable customer acquisition cost (CAC) with Perform[cb] Agency in preparation for high Q1 seasonality.

Pet Essentials Brand Drives 354% Increase in Orders Over 3 Months

Posted By Louise Allison on Jan 29 2021
Outcomes 354% Increase in Orders within 3 Months of Launching 290% Increase in Revenue within 3 Months of Launching 9x ROAS by End of Month 3 Objective…

Agency Essentials Marketer Increases Order Volume by 892%

Posted By Louise Allison on Jan 29 2021
Outcomes 892% Increase in Orders Over 8 Months 836% Increase in Revenue Over 8 Months 383% Increase in Productive Partners Objective A start-up lifestyle brand came to…

Jewelry Marketer Achieves 376% Increase in Revenue

Posted By Louise Allison on Jan 28 2021
This marketer was looking to prepare for its Q4 seasonality by investing in content partnerships.

Mobile Lifestyle Brand Achieves 444% Increase in Revenue

Posted By Louise Allison on Dec 22 2020
Featured on PerformanceIN. Mobile lifestyle brand achieves increase in revenue, conversion rate, clicks and overall site traffic.

Home Improvement Marketer Fixes Up With 1,917% Increase in Leads

Posted By Louise Allison on Aug 31 2020
OUTCOMES 1,917% Increase in Leads Generated over 4 Years 41% Increase in Conversions over 4 Years Increased ROI and CLVs OBJECTIVE A popular home improvement marketer that…

Mobile Client Scores With NFL CPI Campaign

Posted By Misala Gudzevic on Sep 24 2019
Outcomes 100% to target CPA goal 2,500+ installs during the campaign 1,200+ registrations during the campaign Objective This mobile client wanted to capitalize on the busy opening…


Posted By Misala Gudzevic on Jun 11 2019
Perform[cb] Agency was able to modify a traditional CPC campaign to a CPA model. In doing so, the advertiser’s ROAS increased by 51%.


Posted By Perform[cb] on Mar 11 2019
Perform[cb] helped this food delivery service achieve a 25:1 ROAS with a full-funnel approach.

HelloFresh Delivers Highest Conversion Rate Compared to Competitors

Posted By Louise Allison on Mar 25 2020
Objective HelloFresh, the leading fresh food and meal kit delivery service, was looking to run a user acquisition campaign across iOS and Android operating systems. They came…
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