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413% increase in orders YoY

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221% increase in orders MoM

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189% increase in revenue MoM


Hungryroot, a popular online grocery subscription marketer that delivers modern, healthy food with recipe and meal planning support was working to drive order volume and keep their program at a reasonable customer acquisition cost (CAC) with Perform[cb] Agency in preparation for high Q1 seasonality.


Leading into Q1, Perform[cb] Agency conducted a full program audit to make sure every publisher was being properly grouped at the payout level. Through this, the Agency team was able to identify lower-funnel deal partners who Hungryroot could work closely with for additional exposure in exchange for a slightly increased payout.

The top-performing partners in Hungryroot’s program were lower-funnel partners, such as deal and loyalty sites. While identifying opportunities for these lower-funnel partners, the Agency emphasized the importance of optimizing wherever possible to maintain reasonable CACs. The Agency team was then able to re-engage productive partners to promote the marketer’s high seasonality.


Through the program-wide audit, working closely with specific deal sites, and optimizing dormant publishers, Perform[cb] Agency was able to keep the client’s CAC well under goal. The Agency team made additional partner commission optimizations throughout the funnel, which resulted in a 146% increase in clicks and a 413% increase in orders YoY. Perform[cb] Agency was able to drive a 221% increase in volume month-over-month. In addition, Hungryroot saw a 189% increase in revenue month-over-month during peak seasonality.