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What to expect from mobile marketing through the end of 2020 Perform[cb] logo
As Q4 draws nearer, the mobile marketing space continues to buzz with record-breaking sales numbers and astounding opportunity. During H1 2020, and more specifically Q2, the coronavirus pandemic drove consumers to spend more time on their phones than ever before. But what does H2 hold for mobile marketers and their loyal users?
3 Powerful safeguards to protect your mobile marketing from fraud Perform[cb] logo
As ad fraud continues to find new ways to creep into the wallets of marketers large and small, the digital marketing industry is just as continuously seeking ways to ensure campaign security.
Perform[cb] CEO Erin Cigich Shares Her Experience Leading In 2020 Perform[cb] logo
Erin has 13 years at the company and was its 10th employee. She went from an entry-level position to CEO and is active in local business and tech community development.
How to Work with Content Sites in Affiliate Marketing Perform[cb] logo
Content partnerships have continued to increase in popularity year over year within affiliate marketing, yet the factors that go into a partner’s decision to work with a brand remain vague to many marketers.
Perform[cb] Named Best Place to Work 2020 by Tampa Bay Business Journal Perform[cb] logo
Perform[cb] was named as a Best Place to Work in Tampa Bay for the 9th consecutive year.
Perform[cb]’s Sarah Hanson Helps Local Officials with Small Business Response Perform[cb] logo
The EDC credits employees at Perform[cb] and Dealers United for helping set up the Small Business Resiliency Loan application system in response to COVID-19.
2020 and Where Performance Marketing is Heading Perform[cb] logo
The shift away from “affiliate” has begun…or has it? Perform[cb] has the scoop on where the performance marketing industry is heading next.
Perform[cb] Named 2020 Gator100 Honoree Perform[cb] logo
Premier performance marketplace, Perform[cb], is named one of the 2020 Gator100's fastest-growing, Gator-led organizations in the world.