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Erin Cigich, CEO at Perform[cb], Shares 2023 Industry Trends in Affiliate Insider’s Affiliate Marketing Podcast Perform[cb] logo
If you missed Perform[cb]'s CEO, Erin Cigich, on the Amplify Summit panel, you can now access her discussion on performance and affiliate marketing trends in 2023 through Affiliate Insider’s Affiliate Marketing Podcast. Check it out!
Why Should Mobile Marketers Invest in App Store Optimization Strategies? Perform[cb] logo
For those looking to optimize their app listing and scale user acquisition, investing in app store optimization strategies is your best bet to carve out a competitive advantage. Learn just a few of the benefits ASO campaigns create for mobile marketers!
Four Moments That Changed Performance Marketing Forever Perform[cb] logo
mThink's recent article illustrates the evolution of the performance marketing industry, and how Perform[cb] has been a major player.
Ask the Experts: How Perform[cb] Agency Manages Compliance, Avoids Fraud, and Resolves Violations within Telehealth Partnership Programs Perform[cb] logo
Perform[cb]’s VP of Client Services, Angie Stockman, discusses how the agency leverages industry expertise, partnerships, and the platform to help their telehealth clients manage compliance while scaling affiliate programs.
Perform[cb] Recognized #1 CPA Network Worldwide for Seventh Consecutive Year Perform[cb] logo
The Importance of Diversifying Your Mobile Media Mix for Q1 Seasonality Perform[cb] logo
While Q4 tends to be labeled as the biggest user spending time of the year, apps in top verticals know that Q1 is a close second in driving record-high monetization. Learn how to maximize your mobile app's ROI in the new year!
Perform[cb] Announced as #1 Network for Consumer Financial Services by mThink Perform[cb] logo
Perform[cb], voted #1 CPA Network overall for six years running, has just been named #1 Network for Consumer Financial Services in mThink's inaugural vertical-specific Blue Book survey of the financial services vertical.
What is Outcome-Based Marketing? Perform[cb] logo
Perform[cb] CEO, Erin Cigich, explains all things outcome-based marketing, from defining key terms to building a recession-proof strategy, and the many benefits of this low-risk, high-reward solution. Learn more!