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Why Should Marketers Invest In Pay Per Call? Perform[cb] logo
Learn why marketers should invest in the Pay Per Call channel in Perform[cb]'s recent article with mThink.
How to Prepare Your E-Commerce App for Peak Seasonality Perform[cb] logo
Learn how mobile marketers can account for peak seasonality in Perform[cb]'s recent Business of Apps article.
How to Keep Mobile Re-engagement Relevant in 2022 Perform[cb] logo
Learn how you can retain and reacquire users at massive scale in our recent Business of Apps article.
3 Key Areas of Focus for Mobile Campaign Success in 2022 Perform[cb] logo
Learn which trends you should be adopting to set your mobile campaigns up for ROI success.
Perform[cb] Named #1 CPA Network Worldwide for Sixth Consecutive Year Perform[cb] logo
Premier performance marketplace, Perform[cb], announces they have been named the #1 CPA Network Worldwide for the sixth consecutive year by mThink's annual Blue Book survey.
Top Performing Channels for Mobile Marketers in 2022 Perform[cb] logo
With every new year comes the perfect opportunity for mobile marketers to reconnect with users and re-evaluate their acquisition strategy for that little extra push – let’s get 2022 off to a strong start. Learn more in our recent article with Business of Apps.
16 Clichés Communication Pros Should Strike From Their Copy Perform[cb] logo
VP of Marketing, Ami DeWille, shares her thoughts on recent cliches seen throughout digital marketing communication, and the idea that there will be no “normal,” - we all have to learn to be more agile and less afraid of change.
A Guide to Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 Perform[cb] logo
While the next twelve months remain unpredictable, there is one thing that digital marketers can rely on – Perform[cb]’s 2022 Digital Trends Guide arms you with the knowledge to make data-driven decisions and, ultimately, achieve long-term ROI.