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Perform[cb] Announced as #1 Network for Consumer Financial Services by mThink Perform[cb] logo
Perform[cb], voted #1 CPA Network overall for six years running, has just been named #1 Network for Consumer Financial Services in mThink's inaugural vertical-specific Blue Book survey of the financial services vertical.
What is Outcome-Based Marketing? Perform[cb] logo
Perform[cb] CEO, Erin Cigich, explains all things outcome-based marketing, from defining key terms to building a recession-proof strategy, and the many benefits of this low-risk, high-reward solution. Learn more!
Automation, Conversions, Profitability, Oh My – Breaking Affiliate Campaign Roadblocks Perform[cb] logo
Perform[cb]'s most profit-driving affiliates are the ones who harness the tools and capabilities their proprietary platform has to offer. Learn more about valuable features of the app!
Perform[cb] Named Highest-Level Agency Partner by Perform[cb] logo
Perform[cb] has been named a Diamond Agency Partner by, the highest tier of the company's new Agency Partner Program.
Erin Cigich, of Perform[cb], on The Evolution of Performance-Based Marketing Perform[cb] logo
Perform[cb]'s CEO, Erin Cigich, joined eMarketing Association to discuss the evolution of outcome-based marketing over her 15+ years in the industry. Listen to the podcast to unlock Erin’s expert insights on various hot topics and trends emerging across the channel!
Affiliate Management: The Simple Guide to Boost Sales for Marketers in 2022 [Updated] Perform[cb] logo
Learn everything you need to know about how to do affiliate management right. Check out our article on Peer2Peer Marketing!
Affiliate Managers: Who They Are and How They Can Maximize Your Profits in 2022 [Full Breakdown] Perform[cb] logo
Find out what it takes to manage a truly successful affiliate program and what an affiliate manager actually does. Check out our article with Peer2Peer Marketing!
Get Ahead or Get Left Behind: Expert Tips for Securing Seasonal Placement Success Perform[cb] logo
Prepare your promotional strategy in advance so you can lock in coveted placements with top publishers and avoid burning a hole through your holiday marketing budget. Check out our article on PerformanceIN!