premium affiliate program management services

premium affiliate program management services

Perform[cb]’s affiliate program management services team isn’t your typical agency, serving up a tray of cookie-cutter strategy after getting you to sign a long-term contract. When you entrust your brand to us, you get a HIVE - a Highly-Integrated, Versatile Expert - team. At any given point every team and team member in the agency adds value to your account, from account management to leadership to compliance, and everyone in between, giving you 360° coverage for all of the intricacies of partnerships and affiliate. In short, Perform[cb]’s busy bees are constantly adding value to your account.

This means we have to be busy bees, not lazy, because YOUR growth is OUR growth.

Like a beehive, we are productive, proactive, and scrappy. We treat your brand like the unique organization it is, with a custom playbook using proven growth-hacking tactics, all while running 24/7 compliance to keep your program clean. All of this is delivered within the spirit of the industry via a pay-for-performance model, not a retainer.
Learn how this marketer achieved a 286% increase in revenue within the first month after transitioning their affiliate program management to Perform[cb].

Your affiliate marketing solution

Every marketer is looking for something unique - that “secret sauce” combination of promotions and partnerships that will check all of their KPI boxes while maintaining an efficient ROAS. Perform[cb]’s range of service tiers is designed to help you create that perfect blend of upper, mid, and lower-funnel partnerships to push your marketing goals over the top.

Here’s just some of what you can expect from your relationship with Perform[cb] Agency:
  • Dedicated hive with lead partner team and focused teams for strategy, affiliate recruitment, optimization, and more
  • Consolidated program management with custom reporting and program analysis
  • Full compliance and brand safety team to enforce your brand standards
  • In the spirit of performance marketing, an entirely performance-based fee model, NOT retainer plus

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