Increase Tracking Efficiency and Profitability with Perform[cb] TikTok Conversion API

Unless you’ve taken a hiatus from social media, you’re likely aware of the popular video app that’s taken the digital marketing world by storm: TikTok. This popular social media platform has quickly become the top-grossing non-gaming app, with consumers spending over $110 million dollars in-app just this last year.

As an affiliate, it can oftentimes be difficult to manage and optimize your traffic across the social media channel as a whole. From cookie-blocking policies to inaccurate traffic data, affiliate partners need maximum visibility into reliable metrics directly within TikTok – that’s where our tech team comes in. If you’re a Perform[cb] affiliate, learn how our new TikTok Conversion API can be the complete solution to delivering event tracking efficiency and maximizing your profits. 

Perform[cb] platform’s Affiliate Partner TikTok Conversion API

What’s better than a clean, reliable, and efficient way to push data back to TikTok? With Perform[cb]’s new TikTok Conversion API, affiliate partners can now set up tracking pixels directly in the platform’s Partner UI to send traffic data back to TikTok. This makes it easier for partners to build better custom audiences faster, which in return, will help to reach a more targeted audience and increase profitability. 

Similar to our Facebook Conversion API and Google’s Scheduled Uploads features, the TikTok Conversion API tracks 2.5x-3x times more events than the standard TikTok pixel. Don’t miss out on hidden traffic data – the TikTok Conversion API is a complete cookie-less solution that maximizes the number of leads you track directly in TikTok. This means that the TikTok Conversion API is not affected by any cookie-blocking policies used by many browsers, such as Safari on iOS, macOS, and Firefox. Are you currently a Perform[cb] affiliate and ready to set up the TikTok Conversion API? Learn how you can get started today

Maximum Visibility Into Reliable, Accurate Traffic Data

Affiliates deserve the best tracking technology and account support – and that’s exactly what we at Perform[cb] aim to deliver. Don’t fall behind due to tracking inconsistencies and hidden traffic data – set up the TikTok Conversion API and be set for success. 

Have a question about this new feature? Make sure to reach out to your account manager, or check out the FAQs here. If you’re not already a Perform[cb] affiliate partner, apply today to begin taking advantage of the TikTok Conversion API feature and more! 

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