Lead Generation in outcome-based marketing

Lead Generation
in outcome-based marketing

Outcome-based marketing is one of the most popular advertising channels for marketers charged with lead generation for their brands. Given the guaranteed ROI generated, it makes sense that the world’s leading service providers and brands would turn to outcome-based marketing.
Learn how leading insurance marketer, QuoteWizard, increased its lead generation by 92,000% by employing Perform[cb]’s patented hyper-targeted lead tier system.
Perform[cb] has been acquiring leads for marketers for decades.
Our proven playbook includes:

Reaching your Target Audience

As a marketer, you know who your ideal customer is, but can your traffic partner deliver these quality, high-intent prospective customers? Perform[cb]'s proprietary platform offers audience segmentation based on targeting criteria such as geo-location, device type, you name it. Our enhanced targeting capabilities enable marketers to align payout rates with corresponding lead values. By incorporating more granular value-based pricing positions, marketers have the ability to increase their addressable target market and develop an acquisition strategy to scale their most valuable lead profiles. Learn more about Perform[cb]’s technology and audience targeting capabilities.

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Qualified Leads at Massive Scale

Lead generation is one of the most popular forms of outcome-based marketing when it comes to driving massive scale, especially for brands looking to acquire new, warm leads via form fills or interest calls. When working with Perform[cb] on a cost-per-lead basis, we ensure clients campaigns are being optimized based on real-time engagement and conversions through our automated targeting, tiered payout systems, and strategic tracking capabilities. Whether acquiring leads via form completions or qualified calls, Perform[cb] delivers massive scale across major and emerging traffic channels.

Brand Protection

Advertising fraud is a $50B enterprise. Mic drop. This can make digital advertising a little scary for marketers. At Perform[cb], we’ve invested in developing and patenting our proprietary compliance technology, PerformSHIELD, which uses many constantly changing algorithms to identify fraud and integrates trusted third-party monitoring services into our platform to analyze more than 175,000 data points per second. Through comprehensive fraud-fighting technology like PerformSHIELD, you can ensure that your brand quality, and marketing budget, will be protected.

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Marketing Compliance

Marketers lose an average of $5.1M due to business disruption and face hefty fines upwards of $2M+ when they are found to be non-compliant. While many marketers have in-house compliance experts, it’s impossible for them to have eyes on every advertisement and publisher. That’s where we come in. Our team of compliance experts and dedicated brand assurance associates takes an audit- level approach to traffic monitoring, ensuring that your brand is always compliant. Get in touch now to learn how Perform[cb] can ensure compliance for your brand. Learn More

Recruiting and Maintaining Long-Term Partnerships

It is not uncommon for 80% of a campaign’s success to be driven by 20% of the partners promoting an offer. This means partner quality is the name-of-the game and marketers should be heavily vetting new partners to ensure they’re only accepting partners with proven success. Perform[cb] Account Growth Managers apply decades worth of social learning to help identify and communicate effective affiliate alignment strategies for lead generation brands.

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Campaign Reporting
and Evaluation

77% of marketers report that while they are analytically inclined, they struggle to get a unified view of their campaign performance, spending hours every week cobbling together spreadsheets only to end up feeling somewhat confident in their conclusions. Perform[cb]’s proprietary end-to-end outcome-based marketing technology provides you the data you need in order to make quick decisions that you can trust. Even better, your account manager will be looking at the data with you, probably before you, and will come to you with insights and strategies to optimize your lead generation efforts.

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