2020 Performance Marketing Awards Finalist


92,000% Increase in Leads Generated between Q1 and Q4

10x Increase in
Monthly Budget

Lowered eCPA
and increased ROI

OBJECTIVE: Scale Customer Base & Increase Lead Quality

Quote Wizard was looking to scale its customer base while simultaneously improving its lead quality. Previously, the marketer was paying a static rate for all acquired leads, thereby over-paying for less qualified leads and under-valuing their most desirable leads. This approach resulted in a misalignment between the marketer and traffic source. The client needed to create an approach that facilitated a more agile acquisition strategy to acquire more leads matching their most valuable target demographics.

EXECUTION: Lead Tier CPA Marketing Strategy

To better qualify leads, this marketer utilized Perform[cb]‘s proprietary hyper-targeted lead tier system. Trading their antiquated, flat-payout approach in favor of Perform[cb]‘s tiered system, the client was able to assign values for specific fields captured on their form. Perform[cb]‘s tiered targeting system fired a pixel for each specified form field to generate a lead rating and correlating value-based payout for each and every lead.

Through discussions around their backend data, Perform[cb] and the marketer worked together to segment traffic by traffic channel, device type, and day-of-week to create improved pricing alignment, thereby enabling them to run consistently. The traffic consistency allowed the marketer to obtain increased scale as traffic affiliate partners were able to continually invest in traffic acquisition strategy.


By utilizing Perform[cb]‘s hyper-targeted lead tier system rather than a traditional, flat-payout system, the client was able to competitively position their offer to target more of their most valuable consumers. As a result, the client increased its acquisition budget tenfold in the first six months. Throughout the campaign, the marketer saw a 92,000% increase in growth, from generating 235 leads in Q1 to over 220,000 leads in Q4.