The finance industry continues to experience major consumer shifts, including a growing demand for new online banking tools, faster payment methods, and smarter investing apps. The opportunity to drive massive scale to your finance, insurance, and banking-related brand, app, or service has never been greater. If you’ve been struggling to connect the dots when it comes to creating promotions that speak to your desired customer’s wants and needs, we’re here to help.
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Marketers in the finance vertical are looking to reach their target audience in a way that generates quality conversions rather than quantity and reliable, actionable insights. Our Account Management teams have over 20 years of industry experience driving high value customer acquisition through exclusive high-quality traffic distribution, supported by customized reporting and hyper-targeted platform capabilities, giving brands the power to scale their outcome-based customer acquisition and lead generation at massive scale.


Finance marketers must be on top of their game when it comes to maintaining marketing compliance and providing customers with a transparent buying experience. From FTC and SEC advertising laws to content compliance and bank regulations, Perform[cb] is fully equipped to ensure your brand and acquisition strategies are protected through our enhanced compliance monitoring, in-depth partner vetting process, and anti-fraud proprietary technology with campaign management.

A popular banking app was looking for a network to help grow its iOS user base and drive post-install events, such as app registrations and subscriptions. Within two months of partnering with Perform[cb], this banking app achieved a 233% increase in new user volume on iOS – want in on the secret?


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