CEO, Erin Cigich, Joins Martech Record Affiliate Agency Speaker Series

Where were you 15 years ago? CEO, Erin Cigich, had just joined Perform[cb], known at the time as Clickbooth, just days after graduating from the University of Florida. Fast forward to today, Cigich has been at the helm of Perform[cb] since 2015 and recently connected with Michael McNerney, Publisher at Martech Record, to discuss the evolution of Perform[cb]’s business model and the affiliate industry as a whole. 

The Future: Outcome-Based Marketing

What’s more important to a marketer than paying only for qualified customers? Acquiring those customers by being smarter, safer, and creating massive scale. Perform[cb] CEO, Erin Cigich, joins Martech Record’s Affiliate Agency Speaker Series, unpacking the growth that the affiliate landscape has undergone and how the industry is shifting to outcome-based marketing strategies.

Check out the full interview below:

What’s to Come?

With an affiliate management agency, a leading cost-per-pricing network, and a media services team all under one roof, it’s safe to assume Perform[cb] has a firm grasp – and a strong influence – on the behind-the-scenes of this everchanging industry. Huge thank you to Martech Record for having Erin join the Affiliate Agency Speaker Series – we’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with such an established industry publication! Check out the full article here.

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