Perform[cb]’s New Partner App Puts Control Directly into the Palm of your Hand

Perform[cb] is excited to officially announce the launch of the Perform[cb]’s Partners mobile app. The app has been a long time coming, and we’re eager to unveil it. With the app, our Partners will now be able to harness the power of our patented technology, in the palm of their hands. 

Perform[cb] Partners

In order to accommodate the busy, on-the-go lifestyles of our affiliate partners, Perform[cb] is excited to release the Perform[cb] Partners app – available to both iOS and Android users. This app allows users to manage their business in real-time, automate and prioritize existing offers, launch new offers, chat live with their account manager, and more. With multiple new features exclusive to the app, our affiliate partners will be fully equipped to drive quality traffic and scale their business anytime, anywhere. Make sure to read our press release to learn more. 

Top Features

Affiliate partners will unlock many new, exclusive features available only within the app, as well as the platform’s features they know and trust. Let’s dive into what our affiliate partners can expect from Perform[cb] Partners. 


Upon logging into the Perform[cb] Partners app, users will have full visibility into their daily, weekly, and monthly traffic pacing data. These metrics are constantly being updated, so whether partners are in the office or at the beach, they’ll be able to check-in and manage their business in real-time. For those who just need a quick glance at performance, the app can be added to users’ home screens as a widget. 

As users scroll down the Dashboard, they’ll see their personal Optimization Score. This feature is new to the platform’s interface and provides affiliates a granular view into how their traffic is performing. Additionally, if a user’s Optimization Score is below 100%, they will be able to access feedback into how they can improve their offer success. 

Below the Optimization Score, users will see an Insights section. This section provides users with the most recent updates based on a variety of factors, including new offers available, offer approvals, offer pauses, and more. These updates will be shared with affiliate partners as push notifications as well, sent directly from the app in real-time. Our team knows that receiving multiple notifications can be a bit taxing, which is why our partners have the ability to customize their notifications and select only the Insights they’d prefer to receive alerts for.


Under the “Discovery” tab, users will be able to search and access a multitude of offers, verticals, and traffic types. For partners looking to run new offers but not sure where to start, they will have the ability to search through different categories: Vertical, Traffic Type, Top Offers, New & Newsworthy, Recommended For You, Admin-Curated Offer Groups, and Perform[cb] Exclusives. 

New to the platform’s interface and only available in-app, our affiliate managers have the ability to create custom offer groups based on the best fit for a partner’s traffic and their past performance. The offer groups listed will continue to update as new recommendations become available.  

My Offers

All offers available to Perform[cb] affiliate partners will be listed in their My Offers tab. When clicking into a specific offer’s details, users will see a “bookmark” icon. This allows affiliates to “bookmark” or favorite an offer they’re interested in running in the future. Exclusive to the mobile app, affiliates will be able to house all “bookmarked” offers into their own personalized Offer Lists. 

Offer Groups

Similar to the Perform[cb]’s web user interface, users will be able to see a quick snapshot of all offers and traffic they’re currently running, along with suggested actions and optimizations to those offers. Each offer group will have its own unique Optimization Score, and affiliates will be able to view their data daily, weekly, and monthly. Users will also have the ability to edit their settings on a specific offer group, as well as add second-priority offers. 

Live Chat & Messaging

Affiliates are able to start a live chat with their account manager in the app. Integrated directly with Slack, our affiliates now have the ability to quickly chat in real-time should they have any important questions, such as more information on a new offer or help with a specific campaign. If users prefer to take more of a traditional approach, they will see their account manager’s contact information including phone number, email, and skype name listed at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, partners can access articles with helpful tips to answer quick questions that may come up regarding new platform features, how to get started with Perform[cb] Network, and more.

Affiliate Feedback

We are excited to hear positive affiliate feedback, as one partner mentioned the app was “extremely user-friendly and highly recommended.” Since beta testing with multiple longstanding affiliate partners prior to launch, our tech team is already optimizing new features based on this initial feedback. We’re eager to see all of the success this app brings to our affiliate partners across the world. Ready to try out Perform[cb] Partners? Download the app for iOS or Android today. 

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