A Guide to Increasing Lead Generation with Pay Per Call Marketing

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What is Pay Per Call (PPC)?

Pay per call (PPC) is an advertising model in which affiliates connect marketers with qualified inbound calls from consumers who are ready to convert. Also referred to as “Click to Call”, PPC is most commonly run on a performance model with marketers paying only for qualified calls.


Of marketers report phone calls having higher conversion rates with larger average order values (AOV) compared to other forms of engagement.


$1 Trillion

Phone calls are expected to influence over $1 trillion in U.S. consumer spending this year.



Of people prefer to contact the business and talk to a real person over the phone after finding them online to get their questions answered quickly.


How Does Pay Per Call Work?

For marketers who already receive a high influx of calls from prospective customers, it would be wise to invest in a PPC strategy. By capitalizing on consumers’ strong purchase intent through PPC, marketers will have the ability to unlock higher quality calls and even more conversions.

Acquire More Qualified Leads

And don’t pay for any advertising until your calls convert.

How to Achieve Pay Per Call Success by Vertical

As businesses continue to shift to a digital model, the need for human connection has become even more prominent. The most successful PPC verticals are those with high-intent customers: insurance, finance, and home services, as well as those that offer complex products or services. These verticals offer high-consideration products or services where customers typically require a human touch over the phone before they make a purchase online.


  • The insurance vertical has historically seen strong success using the pay per call model as this industry offers services to mitigate potential risk for all facets of life – a tough choice for consumers to make without first speaking to a representative over the phone.
    • The insurance vertical encompasses many markets, including health, life, auto, and medicare.
  • Insurance marketers must take into account their peak seasonality, as this can be a big impact on conversions. For example, the health insurance industry is busiest during open enrollment in November and December – marketers should optimize their PPC strategy well in advance to capitalize on this consumer demand.
Pro Tip:

Have you considered launching an evergreen Google Ads account? By testing and optimizing your brand’s keywords, you can drive more calls to your business in no time. Learn how a leading auto insurance marketer put this strategy to the test, generating 32,418 new calls with an average duration of 13 minutes quarter-over-quarter in our 2022 Digital Trends Guide.


  • The finance vertical continues to experience growth using pay per call, as consumer demand for financial services exponentially increases.
  • According to a recent study by WalletHub, the average U.S. household’s credit card debt is $8,006. In Q3 2021, total household debt increased to $15.24 trillion based on recent findings by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
  • In an effort to remedy this, credit repair and debt consolidation have become go-to options for consumers looking to improve their financial stability.
  • Credit monitoring, debt relief, and mortgage ads can oftentimes be mistaken for fraud, meaning that many interested consumers may prefer to speak to a representative over the phone before entrusting their finances to a service provider.
  • PPC campaigns can drive eager customers to connect over the phone as they search for trustworthy and reliable financial services.

Home Services

  • Home services can range from pest control, appliance repair, internet, home security, lawn care, and more.
  • Many home service requests are urgent or take consideration. Consumers prefer to speak to a live agent to make appointments, get quotes, and hire, rather than fill out an online form – this is where the power of pay per call comes into play.
  • Home service marketers can further optimize their pay per call strategy by continually collecting campaign data – what keywords convert the best? Is location a factor for consumers? Should you use interactive voice response (IVR) technology?
  • The global home services vertical is expected to grow 18.91% per year through 2026. Though many providers faced hardships at the onset of Covid-19, the industry has since rebounded.
  • According to a study conducted by iLawyerMarketing, 84% of people said they would prefer to talk to at least three law firms over the phone before deciding on which one to hire.
  • For marketers that offer legal services such as auto warranty, personal injury, marital resolutions, and DUI defense, PPC can be a valuable channel to invest in.
  • Prospective clients call with questions on legal aid or to request a consultation. Service providers then have an opportunity to connect with these consumers to answer questions and give additional information immediately over the phone.
Pro Tip:

Did you know calls are 10 to 12 times more likely to convert than other lead types? If you’re interested in driving more leads to your business via pay per call on a performance model, reach out to our team of customer acquisition experts today.

Six Steps to Getting Started
with Pay Per Call

Six steps to getting started with pay per call

What is a Pay Per Call (PPC) Network?

A pay per call network is a company that manages call campaigns on behalf of a marketer (advertisers, brands, or managing agencies) and works with affiliates to generate calls with interested, qualified buyers. With the right pay per call network, marketers will be seamlessly connected with high-intent callers to successfully reach untapped ROI.

What Are the Benefits of a Pay Per Call Network?

  • Increase reach and call volume
  • Drive more conversions while simultaneously eliminating risk of fraud
  • Gain access to a wide range of well-vetted affiliates and call sources
  • Expand distribution to drive inbound and outbound calls across multiple channels

How to Choose a Pay Per Call Network

  • Whether you’re looking to run your first pay per call campaign or switch to a new network, there are many factors to consider when shopping for a pay per call network.
  • When evaluating your pay per call partner, look for a network that has an extensive tracking platform, a rigorous publisher vetting process, and a proven track record of generating high-quality, compliant calls in your industry at scale.
  • If you’re ready to begin driving qualified calls to your business, learn more about the top qualities to look for when choosing a pay per call network.

How to Enforce Pay Per Call Compliance?

  • While bots and ad fraud may feel inevitable at times, there are preventative measures marketers can take to make sure pay per call campaigns are set for success.
  • With fraudsters projected to steal an estimated $87B in ad spend by 2022, PPC marketers must ensure their offers are secured prior to launching and monitored throughout the lifecycle of the campaign.
  • Strict compliance practices must be established early, enforced regularly, and monitored constantly. Factors to consider when reviewing PPC campaigns for compliance include: analyzing call sources regularly, proactively reviewing affiliate partner creatives, and monitoring call traffic for any potential outliers.
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Pro Tip:

At Perform[cb], our in-house compliance team provides an additional layer of protection for all marketers running PPC campaigns with 24/7 monitoring. With our Call Keyword Review technology and affiliate creative pre-approval process, marketers can spend less time worrying and more time on campaign optimizations.

Ready to Drive ROI?

  • Successful pay per call marketing requires strong communication and trust between marketers, networks, and affiliates.
  • At Perform[cb], we connect marketers with only the top affiliate partners to drive consistent volume of highly qualified inbound and outbound call leads. With the help of our in-house Compliance team, marketers can feel at ease knowing their call leads are proactively screened and monitored for quality assurance.
  • If you’re ready to take your PPC strategy to the next level, reach out to our team of lead generation specialists today.

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