Increase Revenue and Protect Your Traffic with Perform[cb] Custom Domains

Having a simple yet memorable domain name can make all the difference when it comes to driving quality traffic to convert, and tracking users as they move down the funnel. Many CPA networks such as Perform[cb] offer shared domains, which are the network’s owned domains shared by thousands of affiliates running various offers within the tracking platform. Typically when running offers using a network’s shared domain, affiliates can run into potential roadblocks. For example, if just one affiliate were to get flagged using the shared domain, all other affiliates would have to reap the consequences – such as blocked traffic or suspended accounts. 

Don’t let this stand in the way of your profitability – instead of using a shared domain, Perform[cb] affiliates now have the power to set up their own personal domains directly in our proprietary platform. Learn how you can begin taking advantage of Perform[cb]’s NEW custom domains feature.  

What are Custom Domains?

A custom domain is a unique branded URL connected to your website’s IP address. By using a custom domain rather than a shared domain, not only do you avoid the risk mentioned above, but there is also a greater likelihood that customers will recognize the custom domain associated with the product or service your website is promoting. Google’s custom domain is, just as Perform[cb]’s custom domain is

Benefits of Custom Domains

Creating a custom domain means that only you will be running traffic to that domain – once the domain is claimed, it’s off the market and no other affiliates can use it. Just to name a few, the benefits of creating and using a custom domain include: 

  • Quick and easy setup within the platform 
  • Safeguard your traffic, domain, and conversion rate, thus increasing revenue 
  • Increase the credibility and accuracy of your tracking

Learn how you can get started with Perform[cb]’s NEW custom domains feature. 

Perform[cb] Custom Domains

Custom domains allow Perform[cb] affiliates to add their own purchased domain to the platform’s offers and point to our servers. Set-up in our platform is easy (despite the number of steps below), and only takes a few minutes before you can begin to reap the benefits of driving traffic to your very own custom domain. Let’s walk through the steps to get started: 

  1. Go to your preferred domain registrar and web hosting company – such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, or DOMAIN, and create an account if you don’t already have one
  2. Search for the domain that you would like to claim. Hint – this domain should be custom to fit your specific industry, preferred vertical, etc. 
  3. Once you’ve decided on the perfect domain, finalize payment so that you can secure your new domain name
  4. Open Perform[cb]’s proprietary platform
  5. Within the Partner UI, affiliates will see a new navigation tab for custom domains – click this, and then press “Add Domain”
  6. Enter your new custom domain and press submit
  7. Upon submitting, you will see a pop-up with the Host and four Name Servers listed – press the icon to the right of Name Servers, and select “Copy to clipboard”
  8. Next, click save and your custom domain status will be set to pending until you connect the four Name Servers to your preferred domain name system (DNS) provider
  9. Head back to GoDaddy, or your preferred DNS provider, and paste the four server configurations you had copied from the Partner UI into the DNS settings
  10. Perform[cb]’s platform will automatically approve the custom domain once the four server configurations have been connected to your DNS, updating your status to verified 
  11. Once your new custom domain is approved and verified, you are able to use this domain for any new offer links
  12. Simply search and find the offer you want to run, click create link, select link type, traffic type, and choose your new verified custom domain in the dropdown option. 
  13. And you are set – go drive that revenue! 

Drive Revenue and Safeguard your Traffic

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – giving our affiliates the tools and capabilities to safeguard their traffic and drive massive scale is something that our tech team always has on the top of their priority list. With Perform[cb]’s new custom domains feature, affiliates no longer need to be limited by relying on a shared domain used by thousands of others across various channels. Create your very own custom domain to strengthen trust with your audience, drive traffic safely with no roadblocks along the way, and maximize your earnings.

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