Ensure High-Quality Lead Gen with Pay Per Call Compliance

Are you a marketer interested in expanding your ad budget into the pay per call (PPC) channel, but aren’t sure where to start? Worried how to go about enforcing stringent compliance standards across your PPC campaigns? Pay per call has rapidly gained popularity in recent years, as both marketers and affiliates alike have come to recognize just how incredibly valuable this channel can be. Successful pay per call marketing relies on strong communication and trust between marketers, networks, and affiliates. Having both a clear understanding of PPC campaign goals and how to manage marketing compliance risks are critical. At Perform[cb], we know the importance of maintaining and enforcing brand safety standards over the course of any campaign, but especially for PPC campaigns, which can require additional care and expertise. Learn how you can maintain campaign safety while driving high-quality call conversions with Perform[cb]’s proactive compliance technology and in-house Compliance team. 

How to Enforce Pay Per Call Compliance

While bots and ad fraud may feel inevitable at times, there are preventative measures marketers can take to make sure your pay per call (PPC) campaigns are set for success. The most important thing for marketers to remember when looking to generate calls is that campaign compliance, above all else, is key. Across the PPC industry, there are many laws and regulations to be aware of and enforce. The most common laws and regulations PPC marketers can expect to face include Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Federal Trade Commission Act (FTC), among many others. In order for brands to monitor and enforce their pay per call compliance standards around the clock, working with a trusted PPC network partner can ensure all laws and regulations are being fully enforced. 

How to Maintain Pay Per Call Compliance & Brand Safety

With strict compliance practices established early, enforced regularly, and monitored constantly, PPC campaigns can be extremely successful. When choosing which pay per call network to work with, you need to ensure your network partner provides access to necessary pay-per-call compliance practices and tools to maintain brand standards across the board. At Perform[cb], our in-house Compliance team strives to provide an additional layer of protection for all PPC marketers with 24/7 campaign monitoring. Our team of experts are up to date on all FTC and CES guidelines, and remain dedicated to learning each marketer’s specific brand safety guidelines. 

The Perform[cb] Compliance team vets all pay per call creatives in an effort to give our marketers more time to spend on campaign optimizations. Every affiliate partner running pay per call traffic with Perform[cb] must have their creatives pre-approved before they even have the opportunity to go live. This is to ensure that our team can maintain a complete audit trail of all creatives used to proactively avoid any fraudulent activity. Having strict compliance practices and technology in place is just one of the many ways marketers can ensure their PPC campaigns are running safely. 

Pay Per Call Keyword Review Technology

Without carefully screening lead or call sources for compliance through new technologies, marketers could face significant monetary or even legal hardships. With Perform[cb]’s keyword review technology, our Compliance team assures that every call is recorded for compliance monitoring purposes. This is to ensure that all affiliate partners’ conversations are carefully monitored to catch any who may have made incorrect or false claims during calls. With this Call Keyword Review feature, every call is transcribed and automatically flagged should restricted keywords be mentioned, ensuring bad call sources are paused immediately. This technology gives our Compliance team the power to review calls using extreme granularity, with the ability to search for specific problematic keywords that may not meet federal regulations. For those marketers still looking for the right pay per call affiliate network, the quality of call traffic a network runs should be top of mind.

Generate Leads with Pay Per Call

Being that phone calls are 10 to 12 times more likely to convert than any other form of lead generation, it’s clear that pay per call should be added to every marketer’s digital strategy. If your new year’s resolution is to invest in a new channel, it may be time to test pay per call. When working together with a reliable PPC network, you can achieve peace of mind knowing your compliance standards are always top priority. Don’t wait to take advantage of Perform[cb]’s pay per call services campaign services and in-house compliance technology – reach out to our team of pay per call lead generation experts today. 

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