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Mastering Strategic Mobile App User Acquisition

Posted By Holly Barnes on May 22 2023
Are you struggling to grow your user base? Unlock the expert strategies and secrets of successful user acquisition in our webinar with Business of Apps.

Why Nontraditional Affiliate Partners Are The Future of Outcome-Based Marketing

Posted By Mandi Pinar on May 2 2023
Many brands focus narrowly on the most mainstream affiliates, holding their brand back from endless opportunities. Learn how you can crush your marketing KPIs by taking advantage of the not-so-traditional partners.

Learn How to Scale User Acquisition in 2023

Posted By Holly Barnes on Apr 26 2023
Perform[cb] shares expert insights on how to efficiently scale user acquisition in 2023 in upcoming webinar with Business of Apps.

Top 3 Reasons Brands Need a Diversified Affiliate Portfolio

Posted By Craig McGlynn on Apr 11 2023
Learn the top three reasons your brand needs a diversified affiliate portfolio to stay profitable in the ever-changing affiliate landscape.

The Truth About Coupon and Reward Partnerships

Posted By Holly Barnes on Apr 10 2023
Perform[cb] unlocks the truth about coupon and reward partnerships. Spoiler alert – don’t discount them. Download the whitepaper now!

Perform[cb] Agency Announces Launch of the Big Think Capital Affiliate Program

Posted By Holly Barnes on Mar 29 2023
Perform[cb] Agency is excited to announce the launch of the Big Think Capital affiliate program. Big Think Capital provides financial services to small businesses.

The Benefits of Running an Affiliate Program Alongside an Agency with Craig McGlynn, EVP of Agency

Posted By Holly Barnes on Mar 29 2023
Perform[cb]’s EVP of Agency, Craig McGlynn, sat down with Impact.com to discuss the benefits of running an affiliate program alongside an agency.

Fully-Equip Your Outcome-Based Marketing Campaigns with Data-Driven Reporting Capabilities

Posted By Julie Martin on Mar 20 2023
Perform[cb]’s customer acquisition platform is an always-on ROAS solution with data-driven reporting aligned with every brand’s KPIs.

Three Technology Capabilities to Boost Outcome-Based Campaign Success

Posted By Dzenis Softic on Mar 15 2023
Take advantage of the comprehensive tracking abilities that are offered within Perform[cb]’s proprietary platform.

How an Affiliate Agency Scales and Strengthens Partnerships 

Posted By Carina Powers on Mar 13 2023
The best affiliate agencies leverage industry experience, established partnerships, and campaign best practices to find the perfect strategy for your brand.
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