Perform[cb]’s Customer Acquisition Platform (CAP)

Take the guesswork out of driving high-value
customers at massive scale.

Power Your Outcome-Based Marketing Goals

Perform[cb]’s customer acquisition platform (CAP) positions your brand for optimal outcomes with the tools to scale customer growth and confidently tie ROAS in one unified place.

Uncover your Competitive Edge

Perform[cb]’s CAP analyzes 175K data points per second, using AI and granular insights to create powerful optimization opportunities for your brand. With the ability to keep a close eye on real-time performance through a simple yet modern centralized dashboard, our platform is tailored specifically to highlight and optimize the KPIs that hold the greatest significance to you.

With conversion tracking and multi-event tracking, you have your hands on all aspects of campaign performance in real-time – swift, data-driven automated optimizations.

Cutting-edge predictive analytics algorithms help to identify and deliver the highest converting customers to your brand.

Harness traffic optimization opportunities and controlled scale with advanced AI and in-depth granularity through sub-source transparency that exceeds ROAS goals.

Illuminating the Path to Outcomes

Being data-driven is a necessity to remain competitive. Designed to fuel your business’s growth, our advanced AI platform gives you the power to effortlessly launch campaigns, manage massive workloads, and access conversion insights. Gain deep visibility into both loyal customers and potential high-value prospects, across various channels and devices.

Seamlessly connect your preferred tracking platform – Impact, Everflow, Adjust, AppsFlyer, a proprietary integration, you name it – for simplified visibility into campaign metrics.

Custom dashboards and real-time performance data help you make strategic pricing decisions based on customer lifetime value (CLV) and ensure partners are hitting KPIs.

Uncover new data streams and universally track deeper insights, such as funnel conversion metrics, incrementality across all channels, and customer engagement, in one place.

Smarter, Not Harder

Customer acquisition – simplified. Using predictive analytics and machine learning, our cloud-first architecture gives you the historical data and targeting tools necessary to guarantee above-average scale. Complete with a curated partner marketplace and custom audience capabilities, our platform creates personalized advertising across top channels, ensuring your placements will produce the highest ROAS.

Access a highly curated partner marketplace to tap into established relationships across over 26 digital channels.

Target and segment traffic positioned to yield the highest Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

For those working with both small and large attribution platforms, impression tracking can be implemented for full customer journey visibility.

Stay One Step Ahead

Monitored by PerformSHIELD™’s suite of tools, marketers’ campaigns are safeguarded from potential ad fraud 24/7. Designed to analyze traffic in real-time and recognize specific patterns, such as low-quality traffic or fraudulent activity, this patented technology and our in-house compliance team ensure “always-on” ROAS.

Navigate the new privacy-centric world at ease with our direct MMP integrations and clickless postback capabilities.

An Extension of Your Team

A platform is only as strong as the people who built it. Our dedicated development team serves as the bridge between cloud-based technology and reaching your desired customers, releasing new features every two weeks built based on direct feedback.

Your account managers will be there every step of the way, providing invaluable guidance and efficient recommendations based on internal advanced reports to maximize the potential of your brand’s growth.

Take a Platform Tour

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