E-commerce continues to dominate the customer acquisition industry, becoming one of the most prominent verticals across the world and encompassing any online store you could think of. Accelerated by a shift in consumer behavior brought on by the worldwide stay-in-place orders that spanned the globe, more than 75% of consumers now report shopping online at least one time per month. To capitalize on this trend, affiliate should make up at least 15% of your online sales with the potential to scale to a much larger percentage. This is because outcome-based marketing has the power to scale conversions and strengthen brand loyalty, thus driving ROAS and ROI on a cost per sale (CPS) model.

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Taking a full-funnel approach is key to reaching your ideal consumer in the e-commerce vertical. At Perform[cb], we emphasize the importance of testing across various top-funnel partners such as content sites, middle-funnel publishers such as product reviews, and bottom-funnel affiliates such as deal and loyalty sites. We can even collaborate with your PR team to incentivize their content strategies through customized commission programs. With these types of creative strategies and a large, diversified partner base across all major and emerging traffic channels, our customer acquisition team has the ability to deliver consistent, high-quality traffic at massive scale.

A leading e-commerce brand came to Perform[cb] looking to shift its content strategy and minimize promotions while maintaining an increase in order volume. Learn how our affiliate management team helped this client achieve a 180% increase in sales.


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