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210% Increase in Revenue MoM

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180% Increase in Sales MoM

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171% Increase in Revenue YoY


A popular sunglasses brand came to Perform[cb] Agency in 2018. In March of 2021, this marketer was looking to pivot their promotional strategy after going promotion-heavy throughout 2020 due to the pandemic’s influence on consumer shopping trends. This marketer was looking to shift their content strategy and minimize promotions in 2021, while maintaining an increase in order volume.


In response, the Agency team worked with this brand to maximize their limited promotions throughout the year. With fewer promotions to rely on, the Agency team utilized the marketer’s content calendar to create strategies around upcoming promotions to capitalize on the fewer number of opportunities. By reaching out to top-performing content publishers in advance, the Agency team was able to have all placements ready prior to the client’s Q1 promotion going live. The Perform[cb] Agency was able to secure paid media placements with top partners, in addition to onboarding influencers to promote the sale in the weeks leading up to the campaign launch.


This marketer saw extraordinary growth from February 2021 to March 2021. This client achieved a 210% increase in revenue month-over-month and 180% increase in sales month-over-month, as a result of Perform[cb] Agency’s content planning strategy, proactive partner communication, and additional paid media placements leading up to their March promotion. Additionally, this marketer saw a 171% increase in revenue year-over-year. Overall, the client’s affiliate program had one of its most successful months to date and is looking forward to the strategies Perform[cb] Agency will implement in the remaining 2021 promotions.