Our team of developers is constantly cranking out platform updates and value-add tools to increase performance and make life easier for our marketers and partners. Here you can learn more about the major technology features and how they will help you scale.

CAPitalizing on Innovation: Perform[cb] 2023 Tech Releases

Posted By Julie Martin on Jan 29 2024
As the new year begins, we’re highlighting the standout releases that amplified our marketer’s customer acquisition growth in 2023.

Streamline Growth and Strategic Alignment with Perform[cb] Agency Dashboard

Posted By Julie Martin on Dec 19 2023
Perform[cb]’s Agency Dashboard revolutionizes affiliate program management, offering a one-stop solution to monitor and optimize performance.

Elevating Marketer Campaign Management: A Peek into Our Data-Driven Workflow

Posted By Julie Martin on Sep 29 2023
Perform[cb]’s latest feature in our patented Customer Acquisition Platform (CAP) provides our team with a comprehensive campaign performance dashboard. Learn more!

Perform[cb] Awarded MarTech Breakthrough’s 2023 Best Digital Ad Network

Posted By Perform[cb] on Aug 17 2023
Perform[cb] has been named the Best Digital Ad Network by Martech Breakthrough’s 2023 awards program.

Simplify and Accelerate Campaign Launches with Perform[cb]‘s Optimized Campaign Creation

Posted By Julie Martin on Jun 15 2023
Perform[cb]’s new Optimized Campaign Creation revolutionizes the way campaigns are built and launched. With seamless integrations to all major tracking platforms, marketers can effortlessly set up and launch campaigns with just a few clicks.

Fully-Equip Your Outcome-Based Marketing Campaigns with Data-Driven Reporting Capabilities

Posted By Julie Martin on Mar 20 2023
Perform[cb]’s customer acquisition platform is an always-on ROAS solution with data-driven reporting aligned with every brand’s KPIs.

Three Technology Capabilities to Boost Outcome-Based Campaign Success

Posted By Dzenis Softic on Mar 15 2023
Take advantage of the comprehensive tracking abilities that are offered within Perform[cb]’s proprietary platform.

2022 Recap: Perform[cb] Delivers Efficiency and Optimization with Countless New MarTech Features

Posted By Julie Martin on Jan 9 2023
As we enter a new year, we’re reflecting on our most outstanding features and updates to Perform[cb]’s proprietary technology platform!

Drive High-Quality Traffic With Outcome Based Marketing Technology

Posted By Perform[cb] on Dec 19 2022
Ready to start driving high quality traffic at massive scale? Learn how outcome-based marketing technology can help.

Implement Quick, Reliable Conversion Tracking with Perform[cb]’s Google Tag Manager Templates

Posted By Perform[cb] on Sep 23 2022
Perform[cb] has made direct integrations with GTM easier than ever. Implement quick, reliable conversion tracking without a developer with Perform[cb]’s Google Tag Manager Templates
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