CAPitalizing on Innovation: Perform[cb] 2023 Tech Releases

In 2023, Perform[cb] dedicated itself to reimagining and innovating within our patented, proprietary Customer Acquisition Platform (CAP). Our devoted team introduced new reporting capabilities and streamlined processes, while simultaneously revamping cherished features for our marketers and partners. Ensuring our clients are equipped with the data-driven tools necessary to scale is our mission. 

New Tech Releases of 2023

Explore the updates introduced within our Customer Acquisition Platform (CAP), featuring an interface refresh to our marketer dashboard, a new campaign reporting suite, simplified campaign creation, and growth and agency team dashboards!

Reimagined Marketer Dashboard

This year, we unveiled a major upgrade to our marketer dashboard. The new interface allows Perform[cb] clients to effortlessly navigate campaign insights with detailed visuals, analyze real-time performance data, and explore numerous reporting and optimization opportunities. If it’s been a while since your last log-in, don’t hesitate any longer. Not yet a marketer with PCB? Take a peek through our demo environment to explore this revamped dashboard now!

Unmatched Campaign Reporting

In response to valuable feedback from our marketers last year, we made campaign reporting a top priority. Our new reporting suite introduced drill-down reporting, which allows marketers to focus on specific aggregated metrics and targeting parameters aligned with campaign goals, such as day, partner, geo, and more. 

Furthermore, click and conversion granularity empowers our marketers with in-depth insights into their traffic, down to the specific action. Who doesn’t appreciate added transparency into campaign performance?

Additionally, we introduced the ability to craft custom reports based on any available data point in clients’ customer acquisition campaigns. These custom dynamic reports provide marketers with flexible data options, enabling them to make comparisons across multiple campaigns with ease. Don’t miss out—log in today or visit our demo platform to meet your ultimate campaign reporting ally!

Optimized Campaign Creation

When building out new campaigns, efficiency is the name of the game – hence one of our favorite new releases of 2023, Optimized Campaign Creation. This groundbreaking feature was designed to streamline the process of building and launching new campaigns within our Customer Acquisition Platform (CAP), allowing marketers to launch in just five minutes or less and kickstart revenue generation in record time.

After choosing their desired outcome, marketers select their preferred tracking platform, input pre-filled integration and campaign details, and let our tech handle the rest. The user-friendly interface integrates seamlessly with major platforms like TUNE, Impact, Adjust, and AppsFlyer, automatically exchanging tracking information. This empowers marketers to launch campaigns confidently, built on a robust data-driven foundation.

Ready to make the most of our simplified campaign setup process? Connect with one of our customer acquisition experts today.

Outcome Engine and Agency Team Dashboards

Empowering growth managers to supercharge our marketers’ success, we equipped our Outcome Engine and Agency teams with cutting-edge dashboards.

The Outcome Engine Dashboard gives our growth team insight into campaign performance, how budgets are pacing, partner performance, and growth opportunities. Growth managers access categorized data on customer acquisition, pacing metrics, conversion rates, ROAS, fraud monitoring, and more, guiding their daily optimization efforts and uncovering impactful scale opportunities for our marketers. Check out our blog for an in-depth look at this comprehensive tool, complete with screenshots of the user interface.

Our final touch in 2023 was the Agency Dashboard, a glorified one-stop shop for Agency marketers. It consolidates program and partner growth monitoring, tracks growth manager optimizations, and facilitates direct communication. Featuring widgets for active partners, all-in-ROAS, traffic types, paid media, and partner performance, this dashboard simplifies campaign management, extracting key metrics from tracking platforms for quick and informed decision-making. Dive into our blog for an in-depth tour.

Ready to elevate your outcome-based marketing (OBM) efforts? Dive in now by logging into your account or contacting your growth manager for a walkthrough! If you’re not already a marketer with us, connect with our customer acquisition experts today to learn how you can drive guaranteed outcomes at a massive scale.

Powering Ahead in 2024

2023 saw a surge of tech innovations, and the momentum continues. These new features aim to elevate our marketers’ ability to scale outcome-based user acquisition. By integrating AI throughout our Customer Acquisition Platform, we’re expanding our team’s bandwidth and spending more time on optimization opportunities for clients, setting the stage for even greater, data-driven success.

Ready to seize the benefits of these platform updates? Log in to your account or, if you’re not already a marketer with us, connect with our customer acquisition experts today! Discover how you can start driving guaranteed outcomes at a massive scale. 

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