Simplify and Accelerate Campaign Launches with Perform[cb]‘s Optimized Campaign Creation

At Perform[cb], we are dedicated to providing our marketers with cutting-edge solutions that simplify their workflows to drive exceptional results. Our groundbreaking Optimized Campaign Creation is designed to streamline the process of building and launching new campaigns within our platform. By leveraging our proprietary customer acquisition platform (CAP), marketers can now build campaigns in essentially five minutes or less to begin driving revenue in record time – what’s better than efficiency and a hassle-free campaign launch process? Let’s take a deep dive into the key benefits and functionalities of this smart campaign builder.

Simplifying Campaign Creation

Our Optimized Campaign Creation automates campaign building, saving our marketers from manual configuration and setting them up for quick success. In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency is key, with 86% of marketers believing automation enhances their productivity. Giving essence to the name ‘outcome-based marketing’, we begin the new launch process by asking marketers to specify the desired outcome for their campaign.

Marketers can choose from:

  • Sales / Subscription
    • Choose this outcome when your goal is to generate sales, subscriptions, or deposits (CPS: Cost Per Sale)
  • Leads / Form Submissions
    • Choose this outcome when your goal is to generate leads, form submissions, or appointments (CPL: Cost Per Lead)
  • App Install / Engagement
    • Choose this outcome when your goal is to generate app installs or engagement (CPI – Cost Per Install) (CPE – Cost Per Engagement)
  • Clicks
    • Choose this outcome when your goal is to generate clicks (CPC – Cost Per Click)
  • Customer Calls
    • Choose this outcome when your goal is to generate calls (PPC – Pay Per Call)

Our platform then works its magic, customizing all the necessary configurations behind the scenes, ensuring seamless alignment between tracking campaign performance and achieving the desired outcome. Say goodbye to manual setup and hello to effortless optimization.

Streamlined Tracking

Marketers now have the luxury of a simple and customized tracking setup. After marketers have chosen their desired outcome, they will be prompted to select their preferred tracking platform, add the campaign information such as name, description, and vertical, and let Perform[cb] handle the rest. Our user-friendly interface has integrations with all major tracking platforms, from TUNE and Impact to Adjust and AppsFlyer. From here, we are able to automatically pass tracking information back and forth with the selected platform. The result? Marketers can launch their campaigns with confidence, knowing they’re built on a data-driven foundation. Let us handle the intricacies while you focus on driving scale and maximizing campaign success.

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Reduce Error with Guided Setup

Complete with a guided setup process that ensures marketers have all the necessary information at their disposal, we have organized the steps in a logical and easy-to-follow manner, reducing any potential confusion or errors. With just a few clicks, marketers can quickly configure the settings based on their desired outcome and tracking platform, selecting from pre-filled integration details. This streamlined process saves time, promotes efficiency, and allows marketers to focus on their core objectives. Learn more about this new release here!

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Tech At Your Fingertips

Perform[cb]‘s Optimized Campaign Creation is a game-changer for marketers seeking a simplified and efficient process for building and launching campaigns. By customizing configurations based on desired outcomes and providing seamless integration with popular tracking platforms, we empower marketers to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. 

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