Streamline Growth and Strategic Alignment with Perform[cb] Agency Dashboard

At Perform[cb], our commitment to client success drives continuous innovation. As a dedicated, data-driven, and outcome-based partner, we’ve crafted a powerful solution—the Agency Dashboard. This latest feature within our patented Customer Acquisition Platform (CAP) serves as a one-stop-shop, offering our Agency marketers a consolidated space to monitor program and partner growth, track their growth manager’s optimizations, and communicate directly with our team.

Elevating Insights with The Agency Dashboard

Say goodbye to the complexities of layered reporting; the Agency Dashboard streamlines information for quick and informed decision-making. This new feature effortlessly extracts data from our marketers’ tracking platforms and internal systems, presenting key metrics like traffic, conversions, and true ROAS in a straightforward snapshot.

performCB agency dashboard

Equipped with consolidated reporting, the Agency Dashboard delivers only the metrics our marketers want and need, such as Active Partners, All-In-ROAS, Traffic Types, Paid Media, and Partner Performance.

Analyze Performance and True ROAS

Marketers can gain valuable insights into their program’s performance with the Active Partners widget, offering a comprehensive view of partners contributing to conversions. Meanwhile, the All-In-ROAS widget seamlessly combines Agency fees with affiliates and networks, providing a true ROAS.

partner peformance and ROAS insights

Don’t forget insight into Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Effective Cost-per-Acquisition (eCPA) – the cherry on top when it comes to monitoring campaigns and determining areas of optimization to align with clients’ affiliate program goals.

customer acquisition costs dashboard widget

Traffic Types and Paid Media

The Traffic Types widget offers insights into the most conversion-driven partner types, allowing marketers to uncover the most effective traffic sources, whether from review sites, content, networks, coupon or deal platforms, loyalty programs, or others. The Paid Media widget provides an overview of all upcoming, existing, and completed paid media placements, enabling marketers to gauge and report on performance at a glance. 

traffic types and paid media widget agency dashboard

Partner Performance

Effortlessly track program success with the Partner Performance widget, providing a swift overview of top-performing partners sorted by conversions. This tool offers immediate insights, allowing marketers to identify the contributions of key partners.

Feedback Loop

Evolving with ongoing feedback, the Agency Dashboard aims to become our singular source of truth, tailored to our marketers’ preferences and our operational needs. This evolution eliminates the need for manual reporting sheets, saving our clients valuable time.

Empower Your Growth Strategy with Dynamic Reporting

Our new Dynamic Reports feature empowers Agency marketers with detailed, customizable insights into their affiliate program performance.

The Dynamic Report equips our Agency marketers with the flexibility to generate reports, offering granular insights at metrics such as the partner level, new versus existing partners, events, and much more. Dive into key performance indicators such as conversion rate, customer acquisition cost, spend, partner analytics, sales, and clicks.

Revolutionizing Affiliate Management

Step into a new era of affiliate management with Perform[cb]‘s revolutionary Agency Dashboard—a true game-changer for our marketers.

“I am thrilled to introduce the new Perform[cb] Agency Dashboard to both our clients and our Agency team. This powerful tool not only unveils our true all-in client ROAS but also provides crucial affiliate metrics, guiding us in shaping impactful strategies for our marketers. It ensures alignment with our clients and sharpens our focus on strategic priorities. I can’t wait to witness the dashboard’s ongoing growth and evolution for Perform[cb] clients—stay tuned for upcoming features!” – Jill Speckman, Senior Director of Client Services at Perform[cb]

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what one of our valued marketers had to say:

“The Perform[cb] dashboard serves as a valuable tool for obtaining a comprehensive overview of account performance. Given our commitment to daily performance analysis to align with key performance indicators (KPIs), the dashboard facilitates our monitoring of projected performance. The dynamic reporting feature allows for a detailed examination. We eagerly anticipate collaboration with the Perform[cb] team to tailor additional features, recognizing the incremental enhancement’s significance in fostering partner performance. Furthermore, we intend to leverage this tool for optimizing partner performance based on data insights.” – Melissa Lopez, Digital Marketing Associate at Drizly

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