Elevating Marketer Campaign Management: A Peek into Our Data-Driven Workflow

At Perform[cb], we are dedicated to driving exceptional results for our marketers – and in order to do so, it’s important we set our growth managers up for success. Our latest feature release within our patented Customer Acquisition Platform (CAP) equips our Outcome Engine and Agency teams with a brand new dashboard, giving an overview of their marketer’s campaign performance, how budgets are pacing based on desired outcomes, insight into new and top-performing partners, opportunities for scale, and more. 

Growth Team Dashboard

This robust workflow has been crafted to equip our growth managers with actionable, data-driven insights. Upon accessing the dashboard, they’re presented with a wealth of categorized data, including comparative customer acquisition growth, pacing metrics segmented by week, month, and year, conversion rates, return on ad spend (ROAS), fraud monitoring, and more. These insights provide each growth manager with a guideline of what they should focus on each day to optimize and scale, uncovering the most impactful growth opportunities to position our marketers for success.

Previously, extracting this level of data required time-consuming manual calculations and exports. It is now readily available and updated in real-time, freeing up our dedicated growth managers to deliver top-notch strategy and service for our valued marketers – AKA, implementing optimizations faster than ever to ensure the best quality traffic.

Partner Performance Insight

Our growth managers are deeply involved in all aspects of our marketers’ campaigns, maintaining a constant watch over traffic performance. To facilitate this, the ‘Largest Movements’ widget offers valuable insights into the specific partners that are driving significant scale, as well as those that may need optimization.

New Productive Partner Growth

In addition to existing partners, our growth managers now have direct insight into the performance of newly onboarded partnerships. This allows the team to swiftly identify partnerships that are driving immediate scale, and continue expanding the relationships. This real-time data is invaluable in detecting partners who are performing well right off the bat as we can tell they’ll be strong performers long-term.

Revolutionizing Growth Management

This new workflow offers advantages not only to our growth managers but also to our internal teams, all with the ultimate goal of enhancing our marketers’ campaign performance. The Perform[cb] research, compliance, and partner teams can also find this view valuable in certain scenarios, particularly to assess their performance in a specific vertical or channel, and identify additional opportunities for scale.

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