Fully-Equip Your Outcome-Based Marketing Campaigns with Data-Driven Reporting Capabilities

Looking for simplicity and ease while trying to maintain a data-driven customer acquisition strategy? 87% of marketers say data is their company’s most under-utilized asset – don’t let your brand be part of this statistic. 

Having in-depth campaign insights and the opportunity for data-driven optimizations is what sets Perform[cb]’s outcome-based technology apart from the rest, and allows marketers to strategically scale their customer acquisition to new heights. Learn how Perform[cb]’s seamless user experience and highly anticipated reporting features give marketers the ability to tie their ROAS directly into the technology platform.

Reimagined Marketer User-Experience

Marketers that build their customer acquisition campaigns based on data-driven strategies drive five to eight times as much ROI as those that don’t. In order to uncover such optimizations, marketers must be able to depend on an outcome-based technology platform with the insights and capabilities to deliver. That’s why at Perform[cb], our Outcome Engine product design and development teams continuously push the boundaries of what is possible within our marketers’ dashboards. 

Within the new interface, marketers can now easily navigate campaign insights, analyze performance data in real-time, and harness countless opportunities for optimization. Rich data, detailed visuals, and granular reporting are just a few of the updates made to help marketers understand where their campaigns sit. With easy-to-use widgets and a detailed step-by-step platform tour, Perform[cb]‘s award-winning technology platform has quickly grown into the complex vehicle that fuels the company’s Outcome Engine. 

When building this new UI, our innovative Outcome Engine team kept one thing top of mind – according to direct marketer feedback, campaign reporting capabilities were at the top of the list. Let’s get into some of the platform’s latest in-depth reporting features to launch. 

Unmatched Campaign Reporting

We heard marketers loud and clear – campaign reporting is a top priority. This updated marketer interface is more than just a dashboard facelift – say hello to your new favorite reporting suite. Get ready to measure, optimize, and share the success of your campaigns utilizing the latest reporting tools. 

Drill Down Analysis

Drill-down reporting now gives marketers the ability to hone in on specific aggregated metrics based on campaign goals, including day, partner, geo, and more. Having this information more accessible, and digestible, will allow marketers to easily analyze the data that is most important to the campaign at hand, uncovering room for optimizations.

Click & Conversion Granularity

Marketers can now gain deeper, granular information into their traffic insights, right down to the specific click and conversion. This traffic data includes User Agent, Browser, Operating System, and more, giving marketers an additional layer of transparency into campaign performance. 

Dynamic Custom Reports

Ever wish you had the power to create custom reports based on any available data point in your customer acquisition campaigns? Well, now you do. Dynamic custom reports now assist marketers with complex data flexibility, creating the ability to build comparisons across multiple campaigns.

Always-On ROAS

Perform[cb]’s customer acquisition platform is an always-on ROAS solution aligned with every brand’s KPIs, and we’re eager to see all of the success these new reporting features and interface bring to their campaigns. Whether you’re already familiar with Perform[cb]’s technology powerhouse, or you’re new to the Outcome Engine fam, we encourage you to check out the capabilities for yourself. 

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