2022 Recap: Perform[cb] Delivers Efficiency and Optimization with Countless New MarTech Features

2022 was a year of innovation and renovation at Perform[cb]. Our team worked tirelessly to create new capabilities and solutions for our marketers and partners, while also revamping some of our tried and true favored features. We are constantly working to create an effortless user experience for our clients to exceed their ROI goals, and we made some incredible optimizations this year to get there!

Top New Platform Features in 2022

Check out the platform updates we’ve unveiled this past year, including new API and tracking features, a revamped referral program, an upgraded, fully-equipped marketer interface, and more!

Revamped Marketer UI

This is not the first update since our proprietary technology launched in 2015, but this facelift included some pretty valuable new features, nifty widgets, and detailed reporting that our marketers are loving. With our customer acquisition platform’s updated dashboard interface, marketers can easily navigate their campaign metrics, analyze performance data in real-time, and uncover hidden opportunities for optimization. With easy-to-use widgets and a detailed step-by-step checklist for success, Perform[cb]’s dashboard revamp is designed to help marketers keep their strategy on track. If it’s been a while since your last log-in, don’t delay any longer – this dashboard is worth it! 

Keeping in mind the importance of campaign transparency and reporting, marketers can now unlock new features within our proprietary customer acquisition platform, such as our new Reporting API, to help measure, optimize, and share the success of campaigns. We intentionally built this new feature using rich data and detailed visuals to help marketers further understand where their campaign performance sits, and the opportunity it has to scale. Be sure to log in to Perform[cb] today to meet your new acquisition best friend. 

SKAN 4.0

Perform[cb] released our support for SKAN 4.0 ahead of the competition. SKAN 4.0 supports tracking for up to 3 events, whereas previous versions only supported a single event. It provides more data granularity allowing for more traffic optimizations, as well as Web-to-App tracking, compared to only App-to-App tracking in previous versions. This makes it far easier for marketers to identify sources and have greater insights into conversion values. Perform[cb] quickly developed tracking technology capabilities using Apple’s methodology to pass the conversion data to our clients. Our SKAN 4.0 support allows our marketers to remain compliant with Apple’s ATT while driving iOS traffic. Perform[cb] proprietary technology optimizations deliver additional tracking capabilities to our clients amid increased SKAN traffic, providing incremental installs and growth. Get in touch with one of our mobile marketing experts to set up your iOS campaign and increase user acquisition today.

All Things API

Partner API and Documentation Library

Perform[cb]’s affiliate partners now have the ability to run their businesses from anywhere by connecting to Perform[cb]‘s Partner API. The latest update to the Partner API alleviates the annoyance of having to manually pull reports which increases partner productivity, in turn improving conversion rates. With our new and improved Partner API, affiliates are able to:

  • automate campaigns
  • access available offers at any moment
  • pause media buying if an offer runs out of budget
  • resume media buying once an offer is allotted new budget

The updated API documentation library allows affiliates to access all API endpoints, current versions, and various response examples to easily set up their API calls. If you’re a Perform[cb] affiliate, learn how you can reap the benefits from this recent Partner API update.  Not yet an affiliate partner? Apply now.

TikTok Conversion API

With Perform[cb]’s TikTok Conversion API, affiliate partners can set up pixels directly in the platform’s Partner UI to track all conversions back to TikTok, making it simple for partners to quickly build improved custom audiences to increase conversions. Our TikTok Conversion API is a completely cookie-less solution that tracks 2.5x-3x more events than the standard TikTok pixel. Maximize your leads by having full visibility to otherwise hidden traffic data with our updated TikTok API.

Google and Microsoft Ads Conversion APIs

You didn’t think we stopped there on new and improved API integrations, did you? Our Google and Microsoft Ads Conversion Tracking APIs allow affiliates to seamlessly import their Perform[cb] conversion data once every 24 hours. With the Google Scheduled Uploads Conversion Tracking API, you can have peace of mind knowing all tracked conversions in Perform[cb]’s technology platform are being seamlessly imported into Google Ads. 

By setting up our Microsoft Ads Conversion Tracking API, all of the affiliate’s tracked conversions in Perform[cb] can be imported into Microsoft Ads via Scheduled Uploads. This eliminates the tedious task of checking conversion data across various tracking platforms and allows our affiliates to spend their time on untapped optimization opportunities.

Check out our support pages to learn how you can easily set up your Google Scheduled Uploads and Microsoft Ads Offline Conversion Tracking APIs today. 

Custom Domains

Having a simple yet memorable domain name can make all the difference when it comes to driving quality traffic to convert, and tracking users as they move down the funnel. Perform[cb]’s custom domains feature puts our tech ahead of the competition, as affiliates are no longer limited by having to share a domain with thousands of other affiliates across various channels. With a quick and easy setup, you can create your very own custom domain directly in your UI to strengthen trust with your audience, drive traffic safely with no roadblocks along the way, and maximize your earnings. Ready to get started creating your own custom domain? Log in now!

Google Tag Manager Templates

This year, Perform[cb] has made direct integrations with Google Tag Manager (GTM) easier than ever. By setting up our template, our marketers who use GTM can easily connect Perform[cb]’s conversion tracking pixels directly into their website’s code. Once set up, our marketers choose which conversions they would like to track and the rest is taken care of – just like that. This improves efficiency by providing minimal setup time, faster offer launches, and zero tracking inefficiencies. With Perform[cb]’s GTM Tag Template, marketers are no longer limited by technical nuisances and tracking mishaps. 

Referral Program

The Perform[cb] team is always striving to provide our marketers with the tools and support to achieve their ROI goals. With our revamped marketer referral program, our marketers can refer their friends or colleagues to work with us and earn additional commissions for an entire year. This means that marketers can earn even more once the newly-referred marketer, brand, or service begins generating revenue with Perform[cb]. Don’t miss out on the chance to earn extra revenue – share your referral link on social media to invite your friends and earn even more when they join us!

Additionally, our partner referral program allows affiliates to refer their colleagues to join Perform[cb] and earn additional commissions once the referred affiliate generates revenue. This is an amazing way for our partners to generate even more income – reap the benefits and refer a friend to join Perform[cb] today!

Keeping Up The Momentum in 2023

2022 was jam-packed with innovative tech features, and we have no plans of slowing down. Don’t miss a beat by subscribing to our newsletter. If you’re ready to take advantage of these platform updates, log in to your account, or become a Perform[cb]affiliate or marketer now!

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