Automated Google and Microsoft Ads Conversion Data Imports for Affiliate Reporting Success

When driving traffic through Google and Microsoft, affiliates have the potential to reach 96% of searchers in the U.S. With this surplus of users comes complex conversion reporting, especially when working across multiple tracking platforms. 

If you’re a Perform[cb] affiliate, learn how our new Google and Microsoft Ads Conversion Tracking API can be the complete reporting solution to delivering event tracking efficiency and maximizing your profits. 

Getting Set Up with Google’s Scheduled Uploads

Are you tired of spending time going back and forth between tracking platforms and Google Ads just to ensure that your conversion data is populating accurately? If you’re an affiliate with Perform[cb], then you’re in luck. With the Google Scheduled Uploads Conversion Tracking API, you can have peace of mind knowing all tracked conversions in Perform[cb]’s technology platform are being seamlessly imported into Google Ads once every 24 hours. Once your conversion data has been uploaded, it may take up to eight hours to populate in Google. 

google ads conversion tracking pixel API

CLIENT SUCCESS: Within the first 30 days of using the Offline Conversion API, our internal media buying team saw an 11% increase in conversion rate on Google and a 6% increase on Bing Ads for a multitude of our top marketers.

Are you currently a Perform[cb] affiliate ready to set up the Google Conversion API? Learn how you can get started today

Getting Set Up with Microsoft Ads Offline Conversions

While Google may lead the search engine pack regarding traffic market share, affiliates like yourself know not to ignore the opportunity that lies within Microsoft’s search network – AKA Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. With our Microsoft Ads Conversion Tracking API, all of the affiliate’s tracked conversions in Perform[cb] can be imported into Microsoft Ads via Scheduled Uploads once every 24 hours. Your conversion data will then be populated in Bing in just eight hours or less. That means Perform[cb] affiliates can now spend more time on untapped optimization opportunities rather than triple-checking their tracked conversion data across various platforms.

microsoft ads conversion tracking pixel API

Check out our support page to learn how you can easily set up your Microsoft Ads Offline Conversion Tracking API today. Not currently running with Perform[cb]? Apply to join the #1 Network and get started using the Microsoft Ads Conversion API. 

Seamlessly Import Accurate Conversion Data

Don’t let managing multiple tracking platforms and conversion data inconsistencies slow down your profitability success. By setting up our Google and Microsoft Ads Conversion Tracking APIs, affiliates will be able to seamlessly import their Perform[cb] conversion data once every 24 hours. This new feature is one of the most recent additions to an already lengthy list of features that our in-house development team builds just for affiliates, and is often based on their direct feedback.

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