Perform[cb]’s Features: Weighted Distribution for Affiliate Scale and Control

Perform[cb]’s Weighted Distribution feature allows affiliates to have better control and be more precise with their traffic. Watch this video to learn more!

Howdy, I’m Brian from the affiliate management team at Perform[cb]. Today, we’ll be talking about our platform feature: Weighted Distribution. Like many of our features, Weighted Distribution was created based on an idea developed by our very own affiliate partners and account representatives.

This feature allows affiliates to choose the exact percentage of traffic they want to be driven to each offer within an offer group. Weighted Distribution’s ability to precisely split traffic between specified offers also makes A/B testing easier and more efficient than ever before.

Affiliates have the ability to house all of their tests using one campaign link, which saves time setting up and results in more accurate reporting. Perform[cb]‘s partners have had great success utilizing Weighted Distribution.

A recent example is one affiliate who A/B tested a traditional offer against a direct-to-checkout offer and was able to use a single link to track the performance of these two campaigns, at the same time. The direct to checkout offer came out on top with a 22% conversion rate compared to the traditional offer’s 16% conversion rate. Our affiliate was then able to move forward and scale by shifting 75% of the traffic weight to the direct to checkout offer, and the remaining 25% to the traditional offer.

Created as a direct result of our affiliates and partner representative’s collaborative efforts, Weighted Distribution provides affiliates with the most granular control over how traffic will be split across all of their offers.

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