Perform[cb]’s Partner API Increases Workflow Efficiency For Affiliates 

Any seasoned affiliate partner knows that marketing technology is the backbone that allows their campaigns and optimizations to run smoothly. The affiliate marketing landscape is evolving every day, which is why it’s so important for affiliates to be set up for success with technology that helps to automate their businesses. Regardless of which tracking platform they’re using, Perform[cb]’s affiliate partners have the ability to run their businesses from anywhere by connecting to Perform[cb]‘s Partner API. 

What is the Perform[cb]’s Partner API?

Perform[cb]’s affiliate partners have the freedom to use the platform in three different ways: through the web interface, on our affiliate mobile app, Perform[cb] Partners, or by seamlessly integrating the API into their existing tracking platform. By connecting to the platform’s API, affiliates who utilize their own tracking technology can still access Perform[cb] platform’s robust reporting, documentation, and optimization capabilities. 

Perform[cb] offers two versions of our Partner API based on affiliates needs: JSON and XML. No matter which version affiliates prefer to implement, the data returned via the API is always the same. For example, many of our mobile affiliate partners tend to refresh our API every few minutes to see new offers as soon as they’re available. When an affiliate sees an offer they’d like to run, their preferred tracking platform will automatically start buying traffic for that offer. Additionally, once a partner’s tracking platform is notified that an offer has been paused or reached its budget cap for the day, it will automatically stop buying traffic for that offer. New to Perform[cb] Network? Watch this video to get a behind the scenes look at how our Partner API can create a more efficient workflow for you. 

Automation, Efficiency, Conversions, Oh My!

APIs hold the power to automate a considerable amount of the reporting processes that would otherwise take affiliates hours. With Perform[cb]’s Partner API, affiliates have the ability to:

  • Automate their campaign setups, pauses, and change rates
  • Receive a list of available offers at any moment
  • Turn off media buying if an offer runs out of daily or weekly budget
  • Automatically resume media buying once an offers is allotted new budget

Did you know that Perform[cb] affiliate partners that utilize the Perform[cb] platform API are 5 times as productive as partners that do not? Don’t leave profit on the table due to manual, tedious tasks that could otherwise be automated. 

Continuous Innovation Sets Affiliates Up For Success

Perform[cb] affiliates – have you taken advantage of the latest Perform[cb] API release? The latest update to the Partner API allows partners to automatically pull impressions and click tracking links into affiliates’ preferred tracking platform. This means that affiliates no longer have to wait on impression links to be sent over or spend time pulling them manually from our platform. With the ability to seamlessly conduct impression tracking, partners are able to improve their offer conversion rates.

With the platform’s new documentation capabilities, affiliates can click through here to view an in-depth list of API calls and how to integrate them. This documentation feature was built with usability and efficiency in mind, now giving partners the ability to easily find which API they need, and how to get started integrating the specific API. This API documentation library allows affiliates to access all API endpoints, current versions, and various response examples to easily set up their API calls.

If you’re a Perform[cb] affiliate, learn how you can reap the benefits from this recent Partner API update. 

What’s Next?

Ensuring our affiliate partners have access to top-notch technology is a primary objective for Perform[cb]’s devoted Technology team. By increasing automation and efficiencies within the affiliates’ workflow, expansive ROI is just around the corner. Want to take advantage of our platform’s Partner API? Log in to your account, or apply to be a Perform[cb] affiliate now!

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