PerformLEAP® Features: API for More Efficient & Powerful Affiliate Marketing Workflow

Affiliate Network Automation With PerformLEAP API

With PerformLEAP, affiliate partners can leverage powerful API to automate their campaign setups, pauses, and change rates – producing a more efficient and powerful affiliate marketing workflow. Watch this video to learn more!

Hey, I’m Peter from the Affiliate Management team at Perform[cb]

Today we are talking about the API feature of our proprietary platform, PerformLEAP. We want to ensure that our clients who are already working with the tracking platform have easy access to PerformLEAP’s powerful reporting and documentation.

To accomplish this we created performLEAP API, which can be seamlessly integrated into our affiliate’s existing tracking platform. With two versions of API available, affiliates can choose between JSON and XML based on their needs. API integration allows affiliates to leverage PerformLEAP’s full suite of features and reporting. In addition to running their desktop and mobile offers on their existing tracking platform.

By integrating into PerfomrLEAP’s API, our affiliate partners have the ability to automate their campaign setups, pauses and change rates, producing a more efficient and powerful workflow.

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