Drive High-Quality Traffic With Outcome Based Marketing Technology

Outcome-based marketing (OBM) is one of the most KPI-driving channels across the performance ecosystem, and why so many marketers across top verticals trust the model to drive qualified traffic to their product or service. Whether you’re looking to generate calls, drive app installs, or increase sales, there’s nothing quite more appealing than OBM’s guaranteed ROI – but how can marketers be sure that their ad spend will actually result in high-quality traffic? 

Let’s dig into some of the most important technological capabilities and integrations marketers should be aware of when driving customer acquisition through outcome-based marketing.  

Driving Traffic You Can Trust 

Almost 70% of marketing executives state they are not confident that their current risk management practices will be enough to meet future needs. Advertising in a digital landscape means inevitably being susceptible to fraudulent traffic, which is why brands must be prepared to continuously adapt their compliance practices to an ever-changing marketplace in order to drive meaningful results. Battling the various types of ad fraud and keeping up with what’s new in the industry can feel incredibly overwhelming – that’s where having a team of compliance experts monitoring the traffic being driven to your brand can make all the difference.

With Perform[cb], your brand gains access to an in-house compliance team dedicated to proactively protecting brands from ad fraud every day. Leave brand protection to the experts so you no longer have to worry about partner vetting or quality of traffic. Taking it one step further, our team developed an in-house anti-fraud suite, PerformSHIELD, dedicated to protecting brands from fraudulent traffic in real-time. PerformSHIELD’s rule-based compliance algorithms and automated fraud-eliminating optimizations safeguard marketers from suspicious activity before it has the chance to harm their campaign performance. Interested in adding a team of compliance experts to your advertising campaigns? Become a marketer with Perform[cb] today

Utilize Integrations That Impact Traffic Quality 

Marketers running email campaigns are faced with different aspects of fraud, and their campaigns need additional compliance measures to ensure their traffic is top-notch. Companies who utilize email marketing to reach individuals in the U.S. must follow the rules set forth in the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, which requires opt-out options for users, bans false or misleading header information, prohibits deceptive subject lines, and requires that commercial emails are identified as advertisements. Not only does CAN-SPAM detail a set of rules, it also includes potential penalties for non-compliant email marketing campaigns, including fees of up to $46,517 per violation. 

Avoiding these penalties with a typical email marketing campaign is pretty straightforward, however, when adding email traffic to a performance marketing campaign, following the guidelines can become a little more complex. Collecting opt-outs generated by every internal mailing and all affiliate partners, making sure those opt-outs are added to an overall opt-out list, and distributing an up to date opt-out list before every email campaign send can become a tedious task to manage. Luckily, Perform[cb] marketers are already covered! Through our technology integration with Optizmo, PCB marketers’ campaigns are secure with a built-in Enterprise Class Solution for automating email suppression list management and streamlining subscribers’ Opt-Out preferences. 

Traffic Optimization With Real-Time Statistics

Monitoring campaign performance doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. With the capabilities to analyze traffic data from your offers with information updated in real-time, there is no wait time to review your results. Our platform’s real-time reporting statistics allow marketers to easily view campaign data and make optimization decisions quickly and effectively. Check out some of the reports our marketers have been loving: 

Ready To Start Driving High-Quality Traffic At Massive Scale?

Don’t wait to start optimizing your traffic and seeing real results. Harnessing outcome-based marketing technology with Perform[cb] means driving high quality traffic with guaranteed ROI, all while maintaining brand safety and increasing optimization efficiency. Already a marketer with Perform[cb]? Log in to your UI now and take advantage of these capabilities if you haven’t already. If you’re ready to start driving superior traffic, contact our team of customer acquisition experts today

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