Omnichannel Media Solutions for Outcome-Based Marketing

Omnichannel Media Solutions for Outcome-Based Marketing

Drive Strategic Customer Acquisition with a Diversified Media Mix

Why limit your ad spend to a single channel? Marketers who invest in three or more digital channels have a 494% higher order rate than those using just one channel.[1] It’s omnichannel marketing that gets brands the type of engagement that translates into sales and growth at massive scale. At Perform[cb], our team of experts will help you build a strategic, diversified media mix based on your customer acquisition goals.
Learn how Perform[cb]'s mobile clients have seen increases of up to 43% in incremental growth with SKAdNetwork distribution post-ATT.

Test, Optimize, Scale, Repeat

The beauty of outcome-based marketing is that brands can tap into a variety of different channels, but will never pay a dime unless the desired outcome (purchase, call, form fill, install, etc.) is driven. No test budgets, no impressions, no clicks - only real customers. Your brand can access Perform[cb]’s wide inventory of digital media channels, including:

  • Native
  • Display
  • Email
  • Contextual Display
  • Push
  • Search
  • Social
  • Contnet Commerce
  • SMS
  • App Installs
  • Pay Per Call
  • SKAdNetwork
  • OTT
  • Reward, Deal, and Loyalty
  • Influencer
  • And Many More!

Perform[cb]’s extensive partner marketplace and Internal Media Buying team, aided by targeting capabilities on our proprietary platform, will discover which publishers, placements, and channels work best for your brand, shifting ad budget accordingly to drive massive scale.

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Recognition Drives Retention

It only takes 11 days for a channel's reach and performance to change, meaning marketers can no longer drive long-term customer growth by putting all of their media spend eggs in one basket. Rather, you must constantly evolve your strategy while balancing proactive media buying and thoughtful content planning, maintaining media channel diversification to reach a wider audience of qualified users. Perform[cb] will unlock access to both major and emerging media channels under one point of management and decrease dependency on Facebook and Google.

Real Connections,
Real Conversions

Perform[cb]’s internal media buying team, in-house compliance team, and curated partner marketplace will treat your brand as our own. Our established connections to the industry’s top advertising placements, channels, and partnership platforms, help you avoid barriers to entry such as technology integration lifts and minimum media budget requirements. This means you can test placements across top channels to learn which ads and channels speak to your desired customer, and continue to optimize for conversions. Layer on our dynamic pricing models, which can be implemented depending on a brand’s needs and industry competitiveness, and you will be generating so much ROI you won’t know what to do with it all. learn More

Smarter, Not Harder

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