How Perform[cb] Fosters Employee Engagement with Kazoo Across Remote Team

In a remote workforce, fostering a sense of engagement and community across the team should always be top of mind. At Perform[cb], making sure our colleagues feel connected, encouraged, and rewarded is something about which we feel very passionate. Since transitioning from three office locations in 2020 to a fully remote global workforce with over 130 team members, we have been using Kazoo, an employee rewards and recognition platform to help keep our team connected and feel appreciated. 

Kazoo is designed to give team members the ability to share words of encouragement and gratitude with one another, thus granting “points” that can then be redeemed for real prizes such as gift cards, team lunches, and a long list of the hottest products. While in most organizations appreciation is funneled down from management or siloed within teams, Kazoo allows our team to give peer-to-peer, cross-organizational shout-outs for anything from a job well done on a business task, to achieving a personal milestone, or simply for being a smiling face on a video call. 

Perform[cb]’s Vibe Manager, Ryan Hill, was recently invited to present in a Kazoo webinar focused around cultivating and boosting employee engagement. Ryan shared with the audience how he has integrated kazoo into our team’s day-to-day workflow, and just how important it is to keep the platform engaging. “Garnering a sense of community with team members working across the world is so crucial to a successful company culture. Kazoo has given us just that – the opportunity to stay connected while also sending recognition and appreciation cross-team,” says Ryan Hill, Vibe Manager. “It was such a great experience getting to speak on Kazoo’s Boosting Engagement webinar, and I hope our PCB initiatives drive inspiration to other businesses out there looking to replicate this sense of culture in a digital environment.”  

Perform[cb] Kazoo Webinar
Perform[cb] Kazoo Webinar

Watch the full webinar here

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