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The Leaders
in CPA customer
and user acquisition

The Leaders
in CPA customer and user acquisition

You need consistent, quality customer and user acquisitions at high volumes. You need to know that your brand is being protected and that your advertising spend is being optimized. You need outcomes. You need results.
We’re an omnichannel media planning and execution company focused on new customer and user acquisition for all types of marketers from digitally native to enterprise brands. We align with brands strictly on a pay-for-results model, delivering new customer acquisition at scale on a cost-per basis. Our breadth of CPA Customer Acquisition solutions gives us the power to tap into major and emerging digital channels on native, mobile, social, email, contextual, SMS, and search placements. We can pull levers that our competitors simply don’t have to deliver you a program that creates customer acquisition that is Smarter, Safer, and at Massive Scale.

Omnichannel Media

As opposed to advertising in a single channel, omnichannel marketing provides brands an increase in purchase frequency by 250%. But there are challenges in trying to manage this on your own. When you partner with a network or agency partner, you no longer need to worry about tech integration lifts, minimum media budget requirements, and accessing major and emerging media channels. With Perform[cb], your brand will be able to utilize an expert internal media buying team and curated partner marketplace to test placements across all digital channels, learning what works for your brand’s customer acquisition goals and driving massive scale. The best part is you will only pay when you get a real customer.

Diversify Your Media Mix

Mobile User Acquisition

Today’s mobile marketers and app developers have a multitude of tools at their disposal to increase new user acquisition and post-install engagement, and outcome-based marketing is certainly at the top of the toolbox, but partnering with the right outcome-based marketing partner is paramount to success for mobile marketers. Perform[cb]’s team of mobile marketing experts can run effective CPI, CPA, ASO, and SKAdNetwork campaigns while also protecting your brand from the fraudulent traffic that is so prevalent in the mobile space. Learn about how you can safely optimize and scale your app’s new user acquisition now.

Pay per Call

Studies have shown that calls are 10 to 12 times more likely to convert than any other type of lead; this is especially true for marketers who utilize pay per call CPA customer acquisition. With 60% of consumers expressing that they’d prefer to talk to a real person over the phone prior to purchasing a product or service, it’s clear that pay per call (PPC) marketing is still alive and well. Ensure your pay per call strategy is optimized for success with Perform[cb]’s in-house PPC team.

Launch Pay per Call

Lead Generation

Traditional cost per lead (CPL) is so last decade - prioritize your lead generation with a CPL campaign that is entirely based on outcome-based marketing principles. Lead Generation success depends on your traffic partner delivering quality, high intent prospective customers to your business. Perform[cb]'s proprietary platform targeting capabilities enable marketers and brands to reach the right consumers at the right time and place, through the most effective traffic channels. Learn how Perform[cb] drives and supports lead acquisition strategies for top brands in your vertical. Learn More

Sales and Subscriptions

Consumers were already in the process of getting on board with online shopping and subscription services prior to 2020, but the global pandemic accelerated this adaption so it’s no surprise that the subscription economy market is expected to grow 23%, $51B, in 2022 vs 2021. Perform[cb]’s team of sales and subscription experts will help you make the sales and get the subscribers that you need to hit your targets (or blow them away). Learn how here.

Get subscribers and Sales