Pay Per Call Lead Generation | The Solution for High-Quality Leads

Pay-per-call (PPC) is a customer acquisition strategy in which marketers pay affiliates to generate sales call leads. Many marketers tend to overlook PPC due to its seemingly complex nature, but this channel can provide a high-value revenue stream. Leveraging PPC can help connect marketers with the 60% of customers who prefer to get in touch over the phone before making a purchase. The most successful PPC verticals are those with high-intent customers: finance, healthcare, and insurance, among others. These verticals offer products or services that have details that consumers often want to discuss over the phone before they make a purchase online. Calls are 10-12 times more likely to convert than other lead types, and knowing how to successfully generate quality call leads through pay-per-call is a valuable resource for marketers. 

Increasing Lead & Call Quality

When consumers reach out to a company by phone, they are likely ready to make a purchase at the time of their inquiry. They have moved past the research phase of the consumer decision making journey and into the commitment phase. For marketers who already receive calls, capitalizing on consumers’ strong display of purchase intent by investing in a PPC strategy can provide higher quality calls and more conversions. To help drive this lead to convert, Perform[cb] constantly optimizes our PPC campaigns to provide marketers with the highest quality leads. As our team continually collects campaign data, the strategy is adjusted as needed. 

PPC campaign strategies are tailored to fit each marketer’s goals and targeting criteria, which can include age, location, and length of call, among other qualifiers. This bespoke approach to strategy ensures Perform[cb] affiliates are only focusing on high-intent callers who meet the marketer’s campaign goals.  Perform[cb] is able to segment and qualify consumers with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) before transferring them to the marketer. This step makes sure the marketer’s goals are met, no matter how unique or specific they are. Recently, Perform[cb] worked with a leading auto insurance marketer to drive high-quality pay per call leads on a performance model. By implementing an evergreen Google Ads account, we were able to increase the marketer’s conversion rate by 54%. 

To guarantee high-quality calls, Perform[cb] partners with trusted call analytics platforms and marketplaces that increase the quality of every PPC campaign. Along with these partnerships, our Compliance team vets all partners to ensure that calls are PCI-certified and FCC, TCPA, and HIPAA-compliant. Learn more about how our team maintains marketing compliance and brand safety standards for our clients.

Achieve Massive Scale With Pay-Per-Call

Perform[cb] has unlimited resources to drive scale with pay-per-call. In the US alone, 97% of the population owns a cellphone – that’s quite a sizable audience to target. There are a number of ways to target these audiences using paid media. Google Ad accounts have proven to be a successful component of both inbound and outbound pay-per-call campaigns with Perform[cb]. By bidding on keywords in specific verticals, Perform[cb] is able to seamlessly connect users to marketers and scale a campaign. Through keyword bidding and optimization, a popular auto insurance marketer’s PPC campaign is projected to generate over 50,000 new policy calls before Q1 2022. Enforcing competitive keyword bidding on Google works to drive scale in multiple verticals. For verticals that are impacted by seasonality, aligning PPC campaigns to run during peak months can help to increase scale and capitalize on peak seasonality. Pay-per-call marketing campaigns provide increased visibility and insights by showing detailed caller profiles, a complete view of the consumer purchase process, and specific trends in customer behavior and preferences. These insights can be leveraged to adjust campaign strategy and target specific consumers to increase conversion rates. 

Running PPC on a Performance Model

Running pay-per-call campaigns on a performance model means only paying for the calls that convert, as opposed to paying for all calls made. This way, marketers make sure that their advertising dollars are being utilized in the most productive way possible. Not only does a performance model save marketers money, but it saves valuable call time as well. Call-based leads convert 30% faster than other lead types, and have been known to spend 28% more money as well. Marketers who utilize PPC are able to spend their time and resources speaking to leads that will become valuable customers. To help marketers reach their ideal customers, Perform[cb] offers both inbound and outbound PPC campaigns. With inbound pay-per-call campaigns, Perform[cb] drives calls from targeted consumers directly to marketers. In an outbound PPC campaign, Perform[cb] delivers highly qualified leads to marketers that they can then reach out to themselves. Either way, marketers are only paying for the calls that convert.

Use Pay-Per-Call to Optimize Lead Generation

When a business takes advantage of pay-per-call, they are connecting themselves directly with customers who are already expressing high purchase intent. Through running pay-per-call on a performance model, marketers can save money, save time, and increase the scale and quality of their leads overall. Interested in driving more leads to your business via pay-per-call on a performance model? Reach out to our team of customer acquisition experts today.

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