Outcome-Based Marketing for Sales and Subscription-Model Brands


Drive Massive Scale on a Recurring Business Model

Ask four friends if they shop online or subscribe to any services. Three, or 75%, will say that they shop online monthly, and each will have on average four retail subscriptions. It’s no wonder marketers continue to seek new customers for their e-commerce sales and subscription businesses, but finding that customer acquisition sweet spot and breaking through the competition can be difficult without the right outcome-based marketing strategy in place.
Learn how a popular online grocery subscription brand increased orders by 413% YoY with Perform[cb]’s full-funnel optimization strategy.
Perform[cb] has been acquiring leads for marketers for decades.
Our proven playbook includes:

Low risk, high reward

When it comes to reaching new customers and subscribers through outcome-based marketing, brands only pay once the desired conversion has been achieved - no funny business. From a customer making a purchase on your e-commerce site to a user converting after a free trial sign-up, Perform[cb] will connect you with the top partnerships in the space to drive qualified conversions at massive scale. Plus, with an in-house Compliance team, you can feel at ease knowing your brand is protected, ad spend is safeguarded, and campaigns are secure.

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Increased CLV

Outcome-based marketing with a recurring business model has the power to drive greater average spend, unlock customer data to better understand consumers' needs, and inspire brand loyalty. At Perform[cb], you can run and test offers across a plethora of different partnerships, publishers, and channels to evaluate the quality of customers being driven to your brand. With over 20 years of experience across the industry, our team of experts will ensure data-driven optimizations are routinely made to maintain low Customer Acquisition Costs (CACs) and increased customer lifetime value (CLV).

Undeniably Actionable Insights

In an industry where fostering engaging digital customer relationships is key, brands must work with a network or affiliate management agency that can give strategic, data-driven recommendations. Upon joining Perform[cb], our team will conduct a full program audit on your brand to uncover. Drawing from our wealth of experience across the industry, Perform[cb] will dig into your data, our data, and industry data to uncover actionable insights such as pain points, publisher opportunities, and where optimizations to dormant partners can be made, advising on the channels and traffic types that will deliver a healthy CLV and robust customer growth. Get Started

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