Customer Acquisition for Downloads and Security Software Services

As more of our daily lives shift to being managed online - from banking to shopping to communicating - there is a rising demand from consumers to proactively shield themselves from any potential cyber security threats. Marketers across the downloads and security software vertical include privacy management software, SaaS providers, and app services.
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Access Untapped, Incremental Volume

In the world of downloads and software, the name of the game is acquiring and retaining new users. Perform[cb] is fully equipped to learn your brand’s acquisition goals, develop a custom outcome-based marketing strategy, and scale user volume through partner diversification across top channels. Our targeting and tracking capabilities can ensure you have insight into metrics such as lead quality, conversion rates, and subscription volume to maximize your ROAS and drive massive scale across the vertical. Ready to grow your publisher base with a full-funnel approach and access untapped user segments?

Brand Protection

Driving new customers to your downloads and security software brand will require a strong focus on marketing compliance not only to protect your own business, but to establish a trustworthy reputation because consumers will only invest in a brand if they feel a sense of transparency and trust. Monitoring your campaigns manually 24/7 on your own is not sustainable, especially as your brand grows. At Perform[cb], our strict partner-vetting process, in-house compliance monitoring, and proprietary anti-fraud software ensure brands can safely scale their lead volume and drive subscription renewals.
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