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777% Increase in Total Revenue from Affiliate YoY

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622% Increase in Total Sales Volume from Affiliate YoY

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33% Increase in Active Affiliates MoM


Lovepop, a leading greeting card and 3D paper art brand, was looking to take advantage of peak seasonality to expand their brand recognition and drive new customer acquisition at massive scale. With a focus on increasing sales volume, Perform[cb] strategized with Lovepop to build a full-funnel affiliate promotional campaign around the U.S. Mother’s Day holiday, a top-performing shopping day for the greeting card vertical.


To proactively plan for the Mother’s Day holiday, the Agency team began recruiting and testing new content publishers, in addition to onboarding existing partnerships through its curated partner marketplace. Initially, Perform[cb] focused on increasing Lovepop’s upper-funnel presence and promoting the brand’s popular Mother’s Day products by investing in content placements with proven high-quality partners.  

In order to increase sales volume and overall consumer touchpoints throughout the funnel, Perform[cb] optimized with top cashback, deal, and loyalty partners, including Rakuten. Additionally, the team optimized with top-branded keywords and implemented strategic payouts to top-performing conversion partners in an effort to maximize new customer acquisition. By proactively onboarding and optimizing partnerships throughout the funnel, Lovepop was able to drive exponential sales growth during peak seasonality.


By implementing a full-funnel approach with proven top partners during peak seasonality, Lovepop achieved a 777% increase in total revenue through the affiliate channel year-over-year, and a 622% increase in total sales across the affiliate channel year-over-year. Through the onboarding of strategic partnerships such as upper-funnel content publishers and lower-funnel cashback and reward partners, Perform[cb] drove a 33% increase in active affiliates month-over-month for Lovepop’s affiliate program. Perform[cb] is thrilled with the success of Lovepop’s Mother’s Day campaign and plans to continue taking advantage of peak seasonality and proactive partner optimizations to drive new customer acquisition.