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Over 43% Increase in Incremental Growth with SKAdNetwork Distribution

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20-25% of Top Mobile Clients Media Mix Dedicated to SKAdNetwork Installs


When Apple released iOS 14.5, the company began to enforce its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) guidelines, disallowing the collection or use of any consumer Personal Identifiable Information (PII) without explicit consent. But, this is just the beginning – ATT continues to have profound implications for mobile advertising. For example, Facebook lost “on the order of 10 billion” in 2022 due to the impact of ATT. Mobile app advertisers were also impacted by the changes, as inventory became less targeted, more expensive, and less effective. Perform[cb] sought to help mobile clients by diversifying their media mix with Apple’s tracking solution, SKAdNetwork3.


Perform[cb] followed Apple’s move to ATT closely, and was in the first wave of approved SKAdNetwork partners prior to its release. The Perform[cb] team developed new tracking technology capabilities using Apple’s methodology, as well as to pass the conversion data on to our client’s Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) of choice. With the capability in place, Perform[cb]’s Internal Media team began buying additional in-app inventory on our clients behalf to add SKAdNetwork attributed installs into their media mix. 


Within a few months of launching, installs and events attributed through SKAdNetwork accounted for 20-25% of the media mix for select mobile clients – up to 43% incremental growth by adding SKAdNetwork distribution. This meant that Perform[cb] was successful in continuing to scale app install campaigns without the disruption felt elsewhere in the industry. In addition to providing incremental installs and growth, SKAdNetwork traffic can serve a bulwark against future privacy changes, proactively-proofing Perform[cb]’s mobile app clients’ user acquisition efforts.

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