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Perform[cb] CEO Erin Cigich Shares Her Thoughts on Leading in 2020

Posted By Perform[cb] on Aug 7 2020
Not many companies can say that their CEO started in an entry level role when the company had fewer than 10 employees, but Perform[cb] CEO Erin Cigich […]

PerformLEAP’s Weighted Distribution Feature Is a Game Changer

Posted By Perform[cb] on Aug 6 2020
We’re always developing new features to help our partners scale their businesses and drive new traffic to our marketers’ campaigns. Our newest feature, Weighted Distribution, is already […]

Perform[cb] Agency Announces the Launch of the Vault Health Affiliate Program

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jul 20 2020
Perform[cb] Agency is thrilled to announce the launch of the Vault Health affiliate program! Launched earlier this year, Vault Health is a personalized men’s healthcare company whose […]

5 Important Affiliate Marketing KPIs to Consider

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jul 7 2020
As affiliate marketing continues to prove itself an invaluable digital marketing channel, marketers are increasingly asking what they can do to optimize their campaigns and affiliate programs […]

Affiliates Can Now Distribute Traffic Down to the Decimal

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jun 29 2020
Optimization is one of our favorite words. Why? Because the more we can optimize our platform, the more our partners can do with their campaigns. And the […]

CPA Pricing Models Explained

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jun 22 2020
Today’s digital marketer has more options at their fingertips than ever before for user acquisition. Long gone are the days when you were limited to choosing between […]

Ad Fraud is Alive and Well – is Your Brand Protected?

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jun 18 2020
At Perform[cb], we not only look to provide our marketers with unparalleled brand assurance and proactive compliance, but to combat fraud as a whole across our industry. […]

Why Flexibility is the Key to Performance Marketing

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jun 15 2020
More times than not, marketers set a fixed budget for the individual marketing channels within their overall marketing or advertising strategy. However, in many cases, fixed budgets […]

How to Maintain Control in the Face of Fraud

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jun 11 2020
Fraud exists across all digital marketing methods and has continued to rise in popularity over the past decade as bots and fraudsters have consistently become more innovative. […]

How to Choose an Affiliate Network

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jun 8 2020
When it comes to shopping for an affiliate network, it can be difficult to know where to start. Unless you’re intimately familiar with the affiliate or performance […]