How to Choose the Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Network

Marketers looking to drive inbound call volume must be equipped with the right technology, traffic, and tracking in place – that’s where a pay per call affiliate network comes in. With the right pay per call network, marketers will be connected with high-intent callers to successfully reach untapped ROI. Did you know calls are 10-12 times more likely to convert than any other form of lead generation? This is why it’s so important to partner with an experienced pay per call affiliate network you can trust. 

Looking to launch your first pay-per-call marketing campaign, but not quite sure where to start? Let’s walk through the top qualities you should have on your customer acquisition checklist when shopping for a pay per call (PPC) affiliate network

Pay Per Call Campaign Management & Media Buying

Successful pay per call advertising campaigns rely on strong communication between marketers, networks, and affiliates. When deciding which pay per call network to work with, marketers should seek a network with demonstrated attentive, trustworthy, and experienced account managers. The account manager plays a very important role, acting as the liaison between the marketer and the network’s affiliate partners.

An account manager (AM) should keep marketers up to date on valuable industry insights, reply to messages quickly, and provide strategic campaign recommendations. The roles and responsibilities of an account manager should include: 

  • Maintaining transparent communication with the marketer
  • Manage and regularly optimize marketers’ campaigns
  • Foresee any challenges the marketer may incur
  • Proactively provide insights to achieve the marketers’ campaign goals and increase ROI

The AM’s role is all about understanding the marketer’s goals and acting as an extension of their internal team to increase high-quality call volume and ROAS. Marketers looking for multiple distribution options will also want to look for a PPC network with a media services team. When partnering with a pay per call affiliate network with an in-house media team, marketers can have peace of mind knowing that their ads are driving qualified calls. At Perform[cb], our media services team continues to deliver quality callers with high buyer intent to our marketer’s pay per call campaigns. Learn how a popular auto insurance marketer strategized with Perform[cb]’s media services and account management teams to achieve a 54% conversion rate increase with pay per call.

Pay Per Call Compliance & Campaign Safety

One of the biggest hurdles marketers tend to face when looking to invest in PPC is maintaining and enforcing their brand safety and compliance standards. Fraud and lead quality continue to be a top concern for pay per call marketers. Not only do fraudulent call leads chip away at revenue, but they also waste time and resources. When working with a reliable PPC network, you can feel at ease knowing your compliance standards are prioritized, while simultaneously ensuring all laws and regulations are fully enforced. Oftentimes, PPC campaigns can require extensive campaign monitoring and experienced compliance guidance. Without carefully screening leads and call sources to ensure consistent compliance, marketers could face significant legal challenges. 

At Perform[cb], we emphasize the importance of maintaining marketing compliance and setting our marketers up for brand safety and success. Our in-house Compliance team provides additional protection by employing proprietary keyword flagging technology, 24/7 campaign monitoring, and an extensive affiliate partner vetting process. Learn more about how you can ensure high-quality lead generation with pay per call compliance

Vetting & Working With Pay Per Call Affiliates

For those marketers looking for the best pay per call affiliate network, the quality of call traffic should be a primary consideration. The most successful PPC verticals are those with high-intent customers including finance, healthcare, and insurance, among others. Marketers will want to pay close attention to the traffic that PPC networks are running and what conversion rates look like in their vertical. Some questions marketers may want to ask include: 

  • What factors are evaluated when a network vets its affiliate partners?
  • Does this network have a proven track record of driving high-quality traffic to marketers in my industry?
  • What is this network’s affiliate application acceptance rate?

At Perform[cb], affiliates undergo an exhaustive vetting process so that, upon approval, they’ll be guaranteed to drive high-quality call volume that converts. To ensure a PPC network’s affiliates will only focus on high-intent callers that meet your campaign goals, campaign targeting parameters should be established early on in the discovery process. A popular insurance marketer came to Perform[cb] looking to generate new insurance policies using pay per call ads with specific targeting parameters in place. Learn how Perform[cb]’s affiliate call traffic and call analytics API helped deliver this marketer pay per call success and achieve a 51% conversion rate

Driving Qualified Calls at Massive Scale

Finding the right pay per call company affiliate network can be tough, but by taking the time to do the necessary research, marketers can be well-equipped to reach their customer acquisition goals. Whether you’re looking to run your first pay per call campaign or switch to a new PPC network, factors such as ongoing campaign support, compliance monitoring and technology, and extensive affiliate vetting should be prioritized. If you’re ready to begin driving qualified calls to your business, reach out to Perform[cb]’s team of lead generation experts today. 

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