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286% increase in revenue

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354% increase in order volume

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4x more active partners


In March 2020, a well-known pet essentials brand came to Perform[cb] Agency looking to scale their affiliate program with the help of an outside agency. This marketer’s affiliate program originally had 15 active partners, with 8 performing well. 


Signing with Perform[cb] Agency in March, the team performed a pre-launch program audit. Through the audit, the Affiliate Agency team was able to identify several opportunities for growth and optimization. This included onboarding new partners based on competitive insights and client KPIs as well as re-engaging dormant partners. In addition, Perform[cb] Agency implemented a tiered payout system to better incentive upper-funnel partners while maintaining an efficient return across the program.


Within the first month of launch, this marketer’s publisher base multiplied by four, with three times as many productive partners. This marketer also saw a 286% increase in revenue during the first month of the Agency’s management. Overall, Perform[cb] Agency was able to drive a 354% increase in order volume over a 12 month period. By moving their affiliate management out of house, this marketer drove immense program growth, while drastically increasing order volume and revenue.

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