41x Increase in
Budget over 4 Years

1,917% Increase in Leads Generated over 4 Years

Increased ROI and CLVs


A popular home improvement marketer that connects customers with contractors was looking to not only increase their lead base, but also increase the quality of those leads. At the time, the marketer was paying a static rate for all acquired leads. In doing so, they were paying too much for under-qualified leads, and undervaluing top-quality leads, which resulted in traffic-source misalignment and lowered CLVs. The client needed to create a targeted, yet scalable, approach that would allow them to acquire more leads that matched their most valuable target demographics.


To better qualify leads, the client utilized Perform[cb]’s proprietary hyper-targeted lead tier system. Perform[cb]’s proprietary technology allowed the marketer to right-price traffic to align with traffic quality. In this instance, the marketer was able to qualify leads using state targeting and tier segmentation, allowing them to assign lead payout values in correlation with the state that each lead came from. Based on the number of contractors and home improvement services available in each state, this marketer was able to scale in accordance with that availability.


By utilizing Perform[cb]’s hyper-targeted lead tier system rather than a traditional, flat-payout system, the client was able to target more of their most valuable consumers. As a result, over the past five years, the client has increased budget year over year and experienced exponential growth in desired conversions. Over a four-year period, the client increased quality lead conversions by 1,917%.