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Browse case studies related to customer acquisition in the lifestyle & entertainment field that have increased their revenue with Perform[cb].

Full-Funnel Affiliate Strategy Exceeds Vitauthority’s Customer Acquisition Goals

Posted By Louise Allison on Nov 18 2022
Vitauthority achieved a 244% revenue increase through the affiliate channel with Perform[cb]. Learn how we can do the same for you.

Lovepop Achieves 777% Increase in Revenue Through Affiliate Channel

Posted By Holly Barnes on Oct 24 2022
Perform[cb] strategized with LovePop to build a full-funnel affiliate promotional campaign around the U.S. Mother’s Day holiday, a top-performing shopping day for the greeting card vertical.

Popular Dating Marketer Exceeds Registration Goals in Trending Channels

Posted By Holly Barnes on Mar 4 2022
A popular international dating marketer exceeded their registration goals and in-app engagement with Perform[cb].

Perform[cb] Advises App Marketers to Increase Acquisition Growth with Push

Posted By Perform[cb] on Feb 2 2022
A leading entertainment marketer increased their new user base and free-trial sign-ups by testing push notifications.

Popular Streaming Service Drives Over 44,000 App Installs MoM

Posted By Holly Barnes on Sep 16 2021
A popular streaming service achieved over 44,000 app installs month-over-month. Click here to read more.

Leading E-commerce Marketer Achieves 70,000 Installs in One Month

Posted By Holly Barnes on Aug 31 2021
A leading e-commerce marketer achieved 70,000 installs in one month with Perform[cb]’s top-performing partners. Click here to read more.

E-Commerce Brand Achieves 210% Increase in Revenue

Posted By Holly Barnes on Apr 5 2021
A well-known e-commerce brand achieved a 210% increase in revenue Month-over-Month with Perform[cb] Agency. Click here to read more.

Popular Sports Betting Marketer Drives More Than 22K Bets

Posted By Louise Allison on Mar 12 2021
This sports betting marketer was looking to generate new users and reach a variety of US states with active sports betting licenses.

Drizly, The #1 Alcohol Delivery Service, Drives 334% Increase in Orders YoY

Posted By Perform[cb] on Mar 1 2021
Drizly, the #1 alcohol delivery service, drives a 344% increase in orders year-over-year with Perform[cb] Agency.

Well-Known Grocery Subscription Brand Drives 413% Increase in Orders YoY

Posted By Louise Allison on Feb 2 2021
A popular online grocery subscription marketer that delivers modern, healthy food with recipe and meal planning support was working to drive order volume and keep their program at a reasonable customer acquisition cost (CAC) with Perform[cb] Agency in preparation for high Q1 seasonality.
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