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256% Increase in New Customer Revenue from Affiliate YoY

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244% Increase in Total Revenue from Affiliate YoY

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212% Increase in New Customer Transactions from Affiliate YoY


Vitauthority, a leading health and nutrition supplement brand was in search of a new affiliate management agency to help them drive massive scale across major and emerging digital channels and exceed their ROI goals. Having an already established affiliate program, Vitauthority quickly launched with Perform[cb] in hopes of driving new customer acquisition, specifically focusing on transactions through their website.


The Perform[cb] team suggested taking a full-funnel approach by expanding distribution into the lower-funnel loyalty space and recruiting upper-funnel content partners to drive both brand awareness and acquire new qualified customers. Perform[cb] advised Vitauthority to test with a leading card-linking partner, Figg, in an effort to drive new transaction growth. Further expanding Vitauthority’s lower-funnel presence, Perform[cb] collaborated with existing deal and loyalty partnerships such as Rakuten to help increase the opportunity for new customer revenue. 

In an effort to expand brand reach and product recognition, Perform[cb] advised Vitauthority to test paid media opportunities such as review articles with top content publishers. By capitalizing on New Year, New You seasonality, and working with upper-funnel partners such as US Weekly, this nutrition supplement marketer was positioned for guaranteed ROI success. 


In just one year, Vitauthority exceeded their customer acquisition goals with Perform[cb]. Through the expansion into the deal and loyalty space and onboarding of new lower-funnel partners, Vitauthority achieved a 244% increase in total revenue through the affiliate channel and a 209% increase in total transactions in the affiliate channel year-over-year. Additionally, capitalizing on upper-funnel paid placements and proactive content planning during peak seasonality proved successful, as this supplement brand was able to drive a 256% increase in new customer revenue and a 212% increase in new customer transactions across the affiliate channel year-over-year.

The Perform[cb] team is thrilled about Vitauthority’s accelerated customer growth and plans to continue scaling by securing additional brand exposure with larger content and review partners, as well as exploring additional card-linking partner opportunities and leading influencer networks.