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2,419 App Installs Driven In One Week

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7% Install-to-Free Trial Conversion Rate In One week

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3% Click-to-Install Conversion Rate In One Week


A leading entertainment marketer was looking to grow their user base and generate mobile app installs with an efficient cost per free trial. Having previously achieved success running standard mobile display ads with Perform[cb], this marketer wanted to expand into additional traffic channels. The Perform[cb] team advised testing push notifications to encourage users to sign up for a free trial post-install.


Perform[cb] used their internal media buying team to secure push notification traffic for the marketer. Previously, the marketer’s mobile display campaigns had driven successful iOS traffic, while Android traffic was a channel they had yet to fully test. The Perform[cb] team utilized the push notifications to target untapped Android users. By redirecting users to the Google Play Store, the Perform[cb] team drove additional traffic to further scale the marketer’s Android user base. The push notifications offered the marketer full transparency into the ad placement. It also provided users with a unique experience, making the marketer’s free trial more enticing and engaging.


By utilizing push notifications, Perform[cb] was able to massively scale the marketer’s mobile app user base. The push notification campaign drove 2,419 new Android app installs over the course of just one week, with a 3% click-to-install conversion rate. Additionally, this new traffic channel resulted in a 7% install to free trial conversion rate. This entertainment marketer is excited about its push notification success, and Perform[cb] looks forward to optimizing its user acquisition strategy.