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Drizly Blows Away Internal KPIs And Decreases ECPA

Posted By Misala Gudzevic on Mar 25 2020
Outcomes 90% eCPA decrease on new purchases Objective Drizly came to Perform[cb] looking to increase post-install events (purchases) while maintaining low CPIs and CPAs. Drizly primarily wanted…

FanDuel Increases High-Seasonality User Acquisition Year Over Year

Posted By Misala Gudzevic on Mar 23 2020
Outcomes 61,000 Installs throughout the month of September 61% Increase in high seasonality user acquisition year over year 50% Decrease in cost per first-time deposit efficiency Client…

Spotify Sees 532% Increase in Installs Following Super Bowl Weekend

Posted By Louise Allison on Mar 23 2020
Scheduled large media buys with top-tier partners drove 50,000+ installs for Spotify through Super Bowl Weekend.
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