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61,000 Installs throughout the month of September

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61% Increase in high seasonality user acquisition year over year

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50% Decrease in cost per first-time deposit efficiency

Client Testimonial

“Perform[cb] continuously met our performance goals and delivered engaged, quality new users. Perform[cb]’s approach to optimization, strategic recommendations and commitment to protecting our brand has been a refreshing value-add to our marketing strategy.”

Aaron Dugan – Marketing Director, FanDuel


FanDuel was looking for rapid install volume increase during peak NFL seasonality while achieving cost efficiencies to acquire new first-time depositors.


Perform[cb] Agency reviewed partner performance from FanDuel evergreen campaigns to determine the highest efficiency partners with the greatest potential for scale, while analyzing ROAS reports to determine the sources with the highest scale potential. From there, the Perform[cb] team established test budgets for new partners. After the first week of the NFL season, Perform[cb] ran additional eCPA analyses and cut sources that were underperforming against the desired first-time deposit goal.


Perform[cb] was able to drive 61,000 installs for FanDuel throughout September, yielding a 61% increase from the past year. Additionally, Perform[cb] was able to decrease FanDuel’s cost per first-time deposit efficiency by 50% during the client’s highest seasonality in September.