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532% Increase in Installs

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50,000+ Installs Throughout the Super Bowl Weekend


Prior to working with Perform[cb], Spotify’s partner portfolio was fragmented and had become stagnant. The brand was looking for a partner to deliver a quick media buy initiative in tandem with scheduled Super Bowl advertising as an immediate objective, and longer-term was looking to diversify its acquisition strategy in order to increase new user installs and drive incremental volume over time.


Perform[cb] addressed the urgent issue at hand – to maximize the opportunity that the Super Bowl presents to a brand such as Spotify. The team scheduled large media buys with top-tier partners to deliver a significant traffic burst in sync with the Super Bowl weekend, as well as the days following. Then they started working on building the optimal partner portfolio for the brand.


During the Super Bowl weekend, Spotify saw a large influx of high-quality new user acquisitions to the “tune” of a 532% increase in app installs – over 50,000 installs throughout the weekend. In the days following the Super Bowl, the team identified the right mix of partners for the brand Perform[cb] and continuously delivered daily lead growth over the subsequent months.