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44,000+ App Installs MoM

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50% Decrease in CPA MoM

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46% Increase in Install Volume QoQ


A popular streaming service was looking to drive awareness and generate install volume for an upcoming movie premiere while maintaining their goal CPA. As a result of Perform[cb]’s consistent success working with this streaming service, the marketer was looking to further increase the campaign budget in order to drive high volumes of installs on a competitive CPA. The client wanted to run a Cost-Per-Install (CPI) campaign that would drive upwards of 10,000 installs per month with a $25 CPA.


Having had success with a variety of streaming app campaigns in the past, the Perform[cb] team utilized historical data to strategize with top-performing partners who would be best fit to achieve this marketer’s KPIs. A strict partner-vetting process with a keen eye on mitigating fraud allowed our team to hand-select and scale historically top-performing mobile display partners, while also testing new partners for additional traffic sources. Additionally, the CPI rate was strategically adjusted based on performance in order to ensure that optimizations were made efficiently in real-time. 


With over 44,000 app installs driven, more than 4x the goal of the campaign, and a 50% decrease in CPA month-over-month, Perform[cb] Outcome Engine was able to exceed this streaming marketer’s KPI’s. Additionally, the Perform[cb] team achieved a 46% increase in install volume quarter-over-quarter.