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354% Increase in Orders within 3 Months of Launching

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290% Increase in Revenue within 3 Months of Launching

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9x ROAS by End of Month 3


A well-known pet essentials brand came to Perform[cb] Agency looking to scale their affiliate program and move program management out of house. This marketer’s primary launch goal was to achieve 3x return on ad spend (ROAS).


Signing as a Partner Essentials client with Perform[cb] Agency following a full program audit prior to launch, the Agency team onboarded several top partners in addition to re-engaging inactive partners. The marketer’s program saw consistent order volume increase from launch quarter over quarter, leading the client to upgrade to Partner Plus to add another member from the Agency team to prepare for seasonality of the final quarter of the year. 


Within the first month of launch, this marketer’s specific goal to increase their ROAS by 3 times was achieved and exceeded 9 times more. Within three months of program launch, this marketer saw a 354% increase in order volume over three months. In addition, they saw 290% increase in program revenue in this quarter. Through scaling new and existing partners, in addition to implementing a strong promotional strategy, Perform[cb] Agency was able to drive brand awareness and significantly increase ROAS month over month.