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892% Increase in Orders from April to December 2020

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836% Increase in Revenue from April to December 2020

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383% Increase in Productive Partners


In April 2020, a start-up lifestyle brand came to Perform[cb] Agency looking to take the management of their existing affiliate program out of house to lighten the work on their internal team and scale the program as a whole.


Signing as a Partner Essentials client with Perform[cb] Agency in April, following a full program audit prior to launch, this marketer’s program saw consistent growth from launch to Q4 2020. In October, this marketer chose to upgrade their management to Partner Plus to introduce additional content partners to their program. Following this upgrade in management, the Agency team onboarded several content partners to add to the marketer’s Q4 distribution strategy. 


This marketer saw extraordinary growth between April through December 2020, achieving an 892% increase in number of orders and an 836% increase in revenue. Additionally, the marketer saw a 383% increase in productive partners and a 115% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) between Q2 and Q4 2020. After engaging additional content partners in Q4 2020, this marketer saw a 206% increase in content features and inclusions.